How Credits Work

You can monitor your credits and usage inside the usage tab or billing tab in the app. You’ll need to be aware of two types of credits.

Plan Credits

  • These are the monthly credits that are included with your monthly subscription.
  • Each subscription plan is given a monthly credit amount that automatically resets at the start of each billing cycle, regardless of usage.
  • These do not roll over to the next month (use them up).
  • For example, if you sign up for the $59/mo base plan, you will be given 50,000 words. If you generate 10 words or 10,000 words, the plan will refresh to 50,000 at the start of the next billing cycle.
  • You can adjust your plan credits in your app’s settings > billing tab > edit plan.

Bonus Credits

  • These are the credits that have been awarded by our team and added to your account manually.
  • You can only use bonus credits AFTER your trial and AFTER you have used up your plan credits.
  • Bonus credits will always roll over month to month until you use them up. They never expire.
  • You can earn bonus credits in several ways. View this link to learn more:

Counting Credits

A credit = a word. So each time you run a command, click the generate content button, or click the compose button, it will count against your credit limit for the month. As you write content with Jasper, you are responsible for keeping track of your credit usage. You have access to how many credits each team member is using in a current billing cycle in your app's Usage tab.

As you write with Jasper, the number of available credits will decrease in the Billing tab. The number of credits you see is what you have left to use for the remainder of the month. 

For example, if you write a command “write a blog post outline about house plants” and run that command, what Jasper writes in response to the command will count against your credits. For reference, the document editor’s “M” output length is about ~50 words.

If you are in a template and generate 10 outputs off 1 input, all those outputs will count against your credit limit for the month. Depending on which template you are using, these outputs could be longer (AIDA framework) or shorter (Business Product or Name).

Credit Refunds

Right now, you can upvote or downvote Jasper’s outputs to give feedback to the team. Downvoting (👎🏻) will appear in the document editor and output in a template after composing content or running commands. If you don’t like something Jasper wrote, let us know by downvoting content, and we’ll refund those credits you just generated.

After you downvote, we recommend tweaking your input a little so you won’t get another output like that. Jasper does his best to write creatively for you, but sometimes he needs a little guidance from you. If you’re having trouble with tweaks, reach out to our team at to get some troubleshooting advice.

Be mindful we only will refund up to 20% of your credit limit for the month. So once you’ve refunded all your credits for the month - you won’t be able to refund more.

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