Change password and account email

Change your password in-app

  • Navigate to your Account settings by clicking on the gear icon in the side navbar. 
  • Click on the Personal tab.
  • Under Authentication, you can update your password. If you cannot get to this screen and have forgotten your password, reach out to us at [email protected] and ask for a manual password reset. We can create a temporary password for you.

Change your account/login email

To add a new email or change your login email in your account, add your new email as a team member. 

  • In your Settings, navigate to the Team tab. 
  • Copy your link and open it in a new browser tab. 
  • Sign in using the NEW email you would like to have on the account. 
  • You should be redirected back to your workspace with your new email. To check, go back to the Team tab and see that your new email is there. 

If you would like to change the admin on the account to your new email, please reach out to [email protected] We will manually need to do this for you. 

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