Upgrade your account

Please note that right now, upgrades take effect immediately when you press "confirm changes" in the app

When you go from a lower plan to a higher plan, you will immediately gain access to the higher plan's features after you press ✔️ confirm.

If you see an "inactive workspace error," go ahead and refresh one more time. Stripe is trying to catch up with the upgrade and needs a manual refresh.

  • Navigate to your Billing section. 
  • Click on "Edit Plan."
  • Select a plan. 
  • Adjust your credits if you would like. 
  • Click "Confirm changes."

Upgrades are not set to start at the end of your current billing cycle, so you will be immediately upgraded if you press confirm. If you would like to upgrade at the end of your billing cycle, go ahead and mark the day on your calendar so you can do so accordingly.

What happens to the subscription you paid for?

If you upgrade during your current billing cycle, what you've already paid for on your lower plan is included in the price of upgrading. No overages here 🙏

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