Original Content


Jasper will almost always generate unique content, particularly for longer content. We trained Jasper to read a large portion of the internet. We have not had plagiarism issues with any of our users or our AI partners. Jasper doesn't scrape URLs but instead generates content from pieces of words previously recognized on the internet.

Although there is a chance that general language is shared on the internet across blogs, Jasper writes content uniquely for you. He is trained on a trillion data points that uses pattern recognition and not previously written sentences or phrases. If he sees something similar, he does not write the same thing again. Jasper is trained to detect patterns and phrases that people have already written, so the styling is similar, and then optimize your output to match those patterns but not replicate them.

What happens?

For example, when you generate 5 outputs from a template, Jasper receives the input data 5 separate times. Each one will return with a different output. The same would be true if 5 different accounts put the same thing in and generated 5 different outputs - almost all would be different.

At the time of this writing, Jasper has written over 1 billion words. However, many users find value and peace of mind in running text through a plagiarism checker after completing a document. Additionally, many users paste in content from other sites as a starter and want to be sure none of that original content is leftover at the end. If you would like to check your content for plagiarism, then try the Jasper Plagiarism Checker.

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