Best Inputs

What Jasper Knows

Before you can make the most of using Jasper, you need to understand how Jasper thinks. Understanding how Jasper thinks will greatly improve your ability to get high-quality content and troubleshoot low-quality content.

The underlying AI model that powers Jasper was trained by reading a large portion of the published internet, with the goal of understanding how people write. Jasper has read millions of blog posts, Reddit threads, websites, newspapers, and more. This gives Jasper an unbelievable grasp of imitating the human language and creating content most find exceptional.

Now, while Jasper is the ultimate creative writing assistant, what about a factually correct writing assistant?

Well this is where understanding the Training Data, Or as I like to call it “Jaspers Brain” is important to understand.

You may find that there are certain subjects Jasper has an outdated knowledge of. Meaning, he may not know what happened today or even last month. This is because the training data “his brain” is constantly learning, evolving and catching up.

So what do we do when we want to write about current events?

What you need to know is, while Jasper doesn’t know the exact details of a specific current event, he will have a lot of historic or general information about the topic surrounding the current event.

Really the only piece missing from his training data is the details of the specific event.

This is where you need to think about providing Jasper with your OWN training data so he can process that information and allow it to influence his writing as an input.

By taking this step and giving Jasper a few relevant pieces of current information, you are providing up to date Training Data that acts as guardrails for Jasper, even when it’s new for him.

Check out our doc on how to write a factually accurate article for even more tips.

How To Build a Good Input

Whether you are using a template or document, you will want to remember these rules to get great outputs out of Jasper.

  1. Write what you want Jasper to include in his output.
    1. Provide Jasper with all of your essential facts.
  2. Write simply and clearly. 
    1. Bullet-point lists or short sentences are a great go-to. Let Jasper be the one to spice up the content.
  3. If you don't like an output, don't run the same input twice.
    1. Jasper won't always get it right the first time. Tweak words and sentence structure, cut down character count, or add more. 
    2. Experiment with different tones of voice and test what optimizes Jasper's outputs.

Template Input Examples

Command Input Examples


  1. How do I get Jasper to stop repeating himself?
    1. Templates: Edit your description box.
    2. Documents:
      1. You should think of the content description box inside a document as the information you want Jasper to use each time he composes text. 
      2. Because the content description guides the content Jasper writes each time you hit compose, Jasper will tend to repeat that information if you do not update the content description box. 
  2. How do I get Jasper to write in an active tone of voice?
    1. Make sure your input is in the active tone of voice. Jasper writes based on patterns so he will mimic your style.
  3. I need more help!
    1. Email us at with your specific example and we can guide you in the right direction. 
    2. You can also check out our AI Essentials training to learn about how Jasper Thinks.

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