Starter vs. Boss Mode

Prior to January 24th, 2023, Jasper's plan options were Starter and Boss Mode. Please note that if you joined Jasper after this date, you will only have the option to join our Freemium plan or Boss Mode. All prior Starter Plan users have been grandfathered in. 

Both plans get you access to Jasper, our content-writing AI. Each plan honors a 5-day money-back guarantee, so if you don't love Jasper, cancel your account and request a refund within 5 days.

We do not have contracts. You can cancel anytime inside the app. You can always downgrade or upgrade your account inside the app as well. 

Both plans give you access to projects, adding and managing team members, using templates, email support, and access to our Facebook community! Additionally, both plans give you the option to generate content in different languages. Both plans have a limit of 5 team members - if you need more, go ahead and reach out. 


The starter plan was the first plan we released. This plan only gives you access to all of our templates to help you write copy for different use cases. This is a better plan if you want to use Jasper for short-form copy like headlines, product descriptions, responses to reviews, and bios. 

Features and Pricing

The main difference with this plan is you will not have access to the document editor or recipes. Templates are inputs based. So your inputs matter. Learn how to get that First Template Win with some of our favorite templates. 

The starter plan's base price is $29/month. Included in this price is access to all the templates and 20,000 credits as "plan credits" to use for that month. Your starter plan defaults to set to upgrade automatically if you go over your credit limit for the month. You have the option in the app to change this setting and turn off the auto-upgrade feature. Once you've used your plan credits are used up then your plan will use bonus credits. You can read about How Credits Work here.  

It's important to note that within the Starter plan, you can opt in and purchase more credits initially. So if you need more credits, you can bump up to a higher credit-based plan, and your pricing will move as well. Our next plan up would be $49/month at 50K words. You can increase your plan credits anytime inside the app under the Billing tab. Just click edit plan > adjust credits. 

Boss Mode

The Boss Mode plan is our newest plan. This plan gives you all access to every feature in the app. The possibilities within Boss Mode are endless! Write blogs, articles, books, sales letters, emails, landing pages, resumes, cover letters, and more!

Features and Pricing

The Boss Mode plan starts at $59/month, and that price point includes 50,000 credits. Like the Starter plan, you can purchase a higher credit-based plan for an additional price. Use our pricing sliding scale on our pricing page to see the different options and add more credits.

In Boss Mode, Jasper has increased look back and reads more than just inputs from our templates. Jasper reads based on what is in your article. Learn more about the document editor here. Jasper reads based on your cursor position and can read up to 2,000-3,000 characters.

To write content, you can use power mode, focus mode, or SEO mode. You have the option to compose content (write the next sentence) or use Jasper Commands. With commands, you can tell Jasper, "write an intro paragraph about a plant-based diet," and he'll produce content for you. Learn more about Jasper Commands here. 

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