Fair Use Policy

All users on any of plans are subject to our Fair Use policy. This policy helps us offer a great tool at an affordable cost to everyone.

Typical outputs generated 100% by human team members are generally allowed and covered in fair use.

Restrictions Rules

When using Jasper, you agree to adhere to these restrictions inside your account. 

Users will not be allowed to generate a high volume of content with the help of scripts or automation tools. Automation is not permitted at this time. Your account will be identified and temporarily locked. You will see a message appear in your app's dashboard that your account is under review. If you continue to abuse this rule with mass content creation, your account will automatically be downgraded to a metered plan. 

Additionally, users will not be allowed to generate a high volume of content above 80K words per day. Any unlimited account generating more than 80K words per user per day flags review for our compliance team to review your account for automation scripts and/or shared logins. You can monitor usage per team member in the 'usage' tab in your settings.

Users will not be allowed to have multiple people logging in to generate content under one login. You will be identified as having multiple users logging in under a shared email and password. Everyone who uses Jasper must be a team member inside your workspace. If you or a team member on your account are sharing logins, you will be removed from the workspace and asked to create a credit-based plan.


If you are identified by our team or system for any and all failures to adhere to the fair use policy on the unlimited plan, we will first lock the workspace entirely and issue you your first warning.

Continued failure to comply will result in a second warning, and your account will be moved to a credit-based plan. If a team member abuses the fair use policy, they will be removed from the account and asked to create their own credit-based plan. 

Further, if you continue to abuse our policies after two warnings, it will result in a ban from using Jasper completely. You will not receive a refund of any charges if you are banned. 
Please reach out to hey@jasper.ai if you need any further explanation or details. 

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