How to use Boss Mode

Hey there, boss! Looking to learn the ins and outs of how to use our Document editor? You've come to the right place. 

What is the Document Editor?

The document editor is the best way to write any long-form content using Jasper. You'll want to think of the Document editor as an empty google doc or word document. You can open up the document editor by clicking the + next to Documents in your app's sidebar. Once selected, you'll be given two options for creating a new document:

  • Start from scratch: opens up a completely blank document with an empty sidebar.
  • Blog post workflow: opens up 3 guided questions that will auto-populate your sidebar and first paragraph of your document once completed.

While the Document editor is different than a template, what you give Jasper  still matters. Your input, either through written content or commands, will heavily impact Jasper's ability to write beautifully for you. Think good input in, good output out. 


Speaking on inputs, the sidebar in your document is the best place to give Jasper you initial inputs for your document. You will want to fill out your document's title, content description/brief, tone of voice, keywords, and select your language. The sidebar is completely optional to use. You can generate content with Jasper without using any content in the sidebar. If you have opened a new article are looking to prompt Jasper with information relevant to your niche topic, you will want to use the sidebar.

You will see on the sidebar you are given a character limit for how much input you can provide here. That is because these inputs are read FIRST each time you compose content or run a command. So, the magic of Jasper is that he reads inputs and writes outputs for you. If your input is long and vague, Jasper will sometimes get a little confused on which direction you want him to go. So best practice? Use short sentences or bullet points for your content description/brief. 

Additionally, since the sidebar is optional, you will see on and off toggles. You can prevent Jasper from reading what is in your sidebar by turning off the toggles or clearing the information from the input boxes. As you write longer articles and you are enjoying using the sidebar, we recommend updating the sidebar frequently with new and relevant inputs to ensure that you do not get repetitive content. 

If you do get repetitive content, rest assured there's a quick and easy fix for that. 

What Jasper Sees

In a document, Jasper reads the last 2,000 - 3,000 characters above where you are writing (where your cursor is) plus the Title, Content description, and Keywords (unless you have any of these toggled off). The sidebar is what Jasper will read first and then he will move on to reading what is in your actual document. 

Compose Button

The compose button is available at the bottom of the document. Compose tells Jasper to finish your sentence or write more sentences. 

Compose also has a keyboard shortcut: CTRL () + J. 

Compose works best when you write in your first paragraph or paste in a paragraph of an existing article with a structure or tone of voice you like. Jasper loves to write based on patterns given to him so if you guide him with a paragraph you've written or like, he will do his best to write the next sentence creatively while matching what was given to him. 

Jasper Commands

Jasper Commands are an instruction sentence or prompt to Jasper that help him write exactly what you want him to. Think "Write a blog post intro paragraph about {TOPIC}."

You will fill in your topic with whatever you are writing about inside the document editor, and then you will run the command by pushing CTRL (command) + Enter (return). 

See more on potential commands you can use here: Jasper Commands or you can get more creative with it!

Output Lengths

You can choose between short, medium, and long output lengths. 

  • Short: ~20-25 words
  • Medium: ~50-55 words
  • Long: ~110-115 words

We default our document's outputs to run on a medium length. Remember, your plan has a credit limit for the month. So be careful as you toggle on the longer output, if you are just starting out in the document editor, ensure you've completed the Bootcamp or attended a live Ask Jasper call with our CS team to learn how to manage your credits. 

Cursor Position

It is also important to note that wherever your cursor is, is where Jasper will read and where he will write. So if you want to generate content in the middle of an article, you can do that. He will only read 2,000-3,000 characters above where your cursor is, and he will not read anything below.


Use the toolbar at the top of the document to add headings, bold text, hyperlinks, photos, make numbered and bulleted lists, rewrite text, fix grammar, and explain your content to a 5th grader. You can also turn on a few of our integrations. 


Switch between focus, SEO, and power modes within the document editor on the Boss Mode plan. Please note, to use SEO mode, you will need to turn it on

  • SEO mode: opens the Surfer SEO user interface into a split view with a Jasper document.
  • Power mode: opens all the Jasper templates into a split view with the document. 
  • Focus mode: opens a blank document with the document sidebar. 


Take your document to the next level by using any or all of these integrations in the app. 

  • Grammarly: Located in the toolbar, free to use!
  • Copyscape: Located in the top toolbar, requires additional purchase
  • Surfer SEO: Located in SEO mode, requires a Surfer SEO subscription.
  • DeepL: Located in your workspace settings and sidebar, free to use!


Recipes are pre-built workflows that contain a series of Jasper commands to help you create content with Jasper using a repeatable process. You can create your own or save recipes shared by the community.

To see more on Recipes and how to use them in your document, check out this article


The document also links helpful articles, shortcuts and codes, and editor modes for you to be better equipped on how to use Boss Mode. You also can always reach out to, and our CS team will be ready to step in. 

Best Practice for Writing

Now you know all the components of the Document editor, so let's get started writing. This assumes you have already watched our Bootcamp and skimmed through this quick guide to be up to date on all the components of writing with the document editor. There are many ways to write in the document editor - here are some options as you get started. 

  1. Fill in any relevant information into your sidebar and then use a Jasper command to write your introduction paragraph.
  2. Paste in a paragraph of previously written content and press Compose. 
  3. Toggle on Power Mode, generate content in a template and paste it over and press compose. 
  4. Use a Recipe and run Jasper commands.

Best Tips and Tricks from the Community

We're always looking to streamline our use of the document editor and learn the best tips and tricks from one another. Our Facebook Group is full of piles and piles of gold from Jasper users, just like you! We threw together some of our most favorite helpful tips and tricks to give ya even more ammo as you write. 

  1. Favorite templates to use in Power Mode: PAS, AIDA, Blog Intro Paragraph (for each H2) are the most frequently used within a post.
  2. People want Jasper to write like them and to structure things a certain way. The way to do this is by writing the first paragraph of a post (or copying one from an existing article on my site with the same structure) to guide him.
  3. Utilize tone of voice personas! Try Martha Stewart, Dave Chappelle, or Jimmy Fallon. 
  4. Ask Jasper to write a list of headings, and then under each heading will be another command to list subheadings for the main heading. Under each subheading, tell Jasper "Write a paragraph about {subheading #1}" Jasper will write a paragraph or two, and from there, just hit compose under each of the following subheadings because he'll understand the pattern of the article by that point. 
  5. You can ask Jasper to write various things, such as mission and vision statements based on various inputs.
  6. An author was looking for marketing copy. She had a site set up that had her book title and book description. Copy the book description and title and the various marketing frameworks worked wonders to generate awesome content. 
  7. Grab "People Also Ask" questions out of Google and have Jasper rephrase them. Then right below the question, run the command "-Answer the question above" Command/Option - Shift-Enter. Then, rank and bank!
  8. You just have to think how to ask for what you want. Run the command:  come up with some more topics for this article. Be specific and informative.

  9. It's easier to guide Jasper in the correct direction by removing the content brief as soon as he has used it and feeding in there more detail about the topic I'm covering. Helps to beat the 600 character limit.

  10. Be very specific with your commands. If you don't like the output, then it's most likely your input. The more specific commands I use, the better output. I love the blog recipe, however just using ">write an into" or ">write about xyz" doesn't always give me the best output. So instead I will use something like ">explain xyz and include abc and def".

  11. I found if I have all my inputs locked in Jasper crushes it! You need to feed Jasper the excellent stuff.

  12. New document > blog post workflow and select the title like this one: {number} {power words} {keyword}:10 QUICK ways to make money. You will have an intro and title. Compose content from that.

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