Voice Dictation

To use voice commands in Jasper, you’ll want first to make sure it’s enabled on your computer.

Here is how to enable voice dictation on a Mac:

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Click on Keyboard
  • Click on Dictation
  • Toggle it “on”
  • Choose your shortcut key to enable it, I like the “control key twice” option
  • That’s it, Now you are set up on a mac!

Here is How to use Voice Dictation with Jasper on a Mac

Make sure your cursor is inside a document or an input field within Jasper.

Next, activate your voice Dictation and then speak the text you want to have written. Make sure to wait for the audio cue that the listening has begun and then start talking... Kyle says “Write me some headlines for a youtube video about the advancements of artificial technology in the 21st Century.” Then hit any key to end the “listening.”

In this case, I gave Jasper a command and all I have to do now is click Command + enter to run that command. ( List of Command Ideas)

Remember the voice dictation feature can be helpful anywhere you are inputting text inside of the Jasper app.

Here is how to activate speech recognition also known as “voice typing” on a Windows-based PC:

In most cases voice typing is automatically enabled inside of Windows. So there is usually nothing to “turn on” you simply need to activate the feature. (Turn on Voice Typing)

Here is how to use it inside of Jasper.

  • Click in an area you want to use voice typing, like an open document.
  • Then activate “Voice Typing” by clicking the Windows key and H together
  • Then a voice typing pop-up will appear... and simply wait for it to say “Listening” and then begin to speak whatever you want to be written. Kyle hits buttons and then waits for it to say “listening”
  • “Write a few headlines for a blog post about the benefits of eating vegetables every day!”
  • Then at the end of your desired input say “stop listening.”

It’s that easy!

And finally, in this case, all that is left is to do is to run the command I just gave Jasper by hitting Control + Enter on a PC.

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