Annual Plans

Sold on Jasper? Pay for 10 months of Jasper upfront to get access to an annual subscription. That means 2 months are free! Annual subscriptions are available for upgrade in the app. 

The Boss Mode annual plan's base price is $590 for 50k credits/ month. 

1. You can navigate to your Billing tab in your settings and click "edit plan". 

2. Use the toggle on the right side of your shown plans and change it to "bill annually". 

3. The pricing will automatically change to annual prices, and you will be shown a purple button to "confirm changes". 

4. Select confirm changes when you are ready to go ALL IN with Jasper. 

Prior to January 24th, 2023, Jasper's plan options were Starter and Boss Mode. Please note that if you joined Jasper after this date, your only Annual Plan option is Boss Mode. All prior Starter Plan users have been grandfathered in and the Starter Annual Plan base price is $290 for 20k credits/ month.

Annual Plan Cancelation Policy

We will honor a 5-day cancelation and refund period on annual plans. 

After that, we  do not prorate refunds for any unused time or credits on annual plans. These are one-year commitments and cannot be canceled at any time within the year. Please be sure you are ready to upgrade to annual when you click confirm. 

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