Boss Mode Pricing Updates

One of our core values at Jasper is to continually test and improve.

As of November 22th, 2021, we moved to new pricing that we hope will be better for everyone.

The new pricing changes include:

  • Sunsetting the Unlimited Plan
  • Moving Boss Mode plans to a usage-based model.
  • Adding a lower-priced Boss Mode plan.
  • Adding the ability to refund credits for low-quality outputs.

Sunsetting the Unlimited Plan

I'm sure many are wondering why we are closing the doors on the unlimited plan. Let me explain our thinking.

The unlimited plan was initially released so that users could freely use our product without thinking about how many words they were using. One significant benefit was that users felt more comfortable playing around and using Jasper early on to learn how he works. That's a huge positive.

However, after a month or so, we began to see a normal distribution of usage from the unlimited plan users. It was a bell curve.

On the low end, some customers didn't write many words at all.

On the high end, some customers generated millions of words per month, and we were losing money on them each month.

In effect, the majority of users were subsidizing the costs of the top 10%.

By moving to a usage-based model, we can actually make Jasper cheaper for many users while also not losing money from high-volume users.

In effect, everyone will be paying a more fair amount.

Pricing tiers for the Boss Mode usage-based model can be found at

Lower priced Boss Mode plan

We've always wanted to offer a Boss Mode plan that's a lower entry point. With these changes, we now have 2 plans that are cheaper than our initial $119/mo Boss Mode plan.

$59/mo for 50,000 words generated per month

$99/mo for 100,000 words generated per month

Any customers on the $119/mo Boss Mode Unlimited Plan can downgrade to these lower-priced plans if they'd like, but please be aware that if you change plans away from the Unlimited Plan or cancel, you won't be able to get the Unlimited Plan back later.

Add team members for free

Previously, we charged for adding team members. Now, you can add as many team members as you want at no additional cost. Be sure new users understand the pricing model first, so they don't accidentally blow through credits.

NEW: Credit refunds

A new feature we're introducing is the ability for users to refund credits for words Jasper writes that are irrelevant, low quality, or you just don't want. Every account that isn't unlimited will be able to refund 20% of their words generated and get them credited back to their account.

For example, if you are on a plan with 50,000 words per month, you'll be able to refund 10,000 words per month. This gives you a max of 60,000 words each month. You cannot refund more than 10,000 credits each month.

You'll see the ability to refund credits inside of Templates and Documents. Credits must be refunded within 24 hours of generating the content. Ideally, you'll refund low-quality outputs in real-time while writing.


Will you ever bring back Unlimited Plans?

We may! This new pricing is a test that we think will go well, but we might find a good reason to add an unlimited plan back someday.

Does this affect existing customers?

No. All customers on existing plans are unaffected and can carry on as usual. This only impacts new customers or existing customers that switch from an old plan to a new plan.

If I have an Unlimited Plan, can I downgrade or cancel and then come back to Unlimited later?

No. Once a customer leaves an Unlimited Plan, they will not be able to get it back. If you think you might want the Unlimited plan long-term, you should definitely keep it!

What should I do if I reach my credit limit?

You can either upgrade to a higher plan or do nothing and wait for your billing cycle to reset.

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