Monitor your Credit Usage

Each of our plans has a set number of credits per month given within each subscription. For example, our Boss Mode plan starts at $59/month with a credit limit of  50,000 credits. That means you've purchased 50,000 credits to use throughout the month. You'll want to use these plan credits how you see fit through your monthly billing cycle. These plan credits do not roll over into the next month - you can see more on How Credits Work here

You'll want to be familiar with monitoring your account usage periodically. This ensures you do not exceed the number of credits set within your plan. If you go over, your app will operate on whichever setting is toggled on under your subscription. You can change the setting here

Note: Credits refresh on the same day each month. Under your app's settings > billing tab, you'll be able to see how many days you have left until your billing cycle renews. If you are on an annual plan - your credits will still refresh each month on the day of your yearly plan purchase. If you need help discerning what day that is, reach out to our team at, and we can help. 😊

Understanding Your Usage

Your "Usage" tab will show your usage throughout your current billing cycle. 

This usage graph will show you the number of credits you have generated on each given day of the billing cycle. If you hover over the individual bar for each day, you can find that exact number and track your usage throughout the billing cycle. We do not have the means to show the total number of credits used throughout a period longer than the current billing cycle. 

You can also monitor usage per team member for the current billing cycle in the "usage" tab. The total available number of credits you have left within your current plan can be found in your "Billing" tab.

Understanding Your Credits

The available credits section in your "billing" tab will show you the total credits you have left for the remainder of the month. Be sure to monitor this number frequently, as this will show how quickly you could potentially be eating up your credits. If you see this number as 0, you have 0 credits remaining in your account.

If you've generated more content than you initially paid for, you've likely generated some overages on your account. To understand overages, see this help doc

Lastly, bonus credits show the number of credits that have been awarded by our team and added to your account manually. These credits will roll over at the end of your billing cycle.

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