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Have a product that you need to write a Sales Page for? Look no further. Check out this foolproof workflow to get your sales page up and running with Jasper’s help.

Jasper Community Recipes

It’s no secret that Jasper is full of incredible content creators, like you, looking to pump out high converting copy to their customer base. What you might not know is that you can find our best recipes for different use cases here at https://community.jasper.ai/. Currently, there are so many recipes for sales pages and letters for you to follow in our community. Thanks to all our loyal friends out there who contribute daily to this community. ❤️

What’s a Recipe?

Recipes are pre-built workflows that contain a series of Jasper commands to help you create content with Jasper using a repeatable process. You can create your own or save recipes shared by the community.

When viewing a community recipe, be aware of the typical styling of recipe prompts like {TOPIC} or [Run the command for each outlined item above]. When you see brackets, insert your topic or follow the guided sentence outlined for you. Each recipe is different, but most will ask you to replace the variables with your content and then run the commands in order from top to bottom.

For example: Replace  {TOPIC} with your actual topic and then run the command by placing your cursor at the end of the line and pressing CMD + ENTER (Ctrl + ENTER on PC).

Best Workflow

Jasper does his best to write creatively for you on the first go, but sometimes you will need to prep him for your content by giving him the information he needs to write for you.

Step 1: Find an outline that works for your product

Depending on the niche or industry you are in, your sales page could vary from other Jasper users. You will first want to research the best template for your industry. Using a high-converting template for a sales page will set you up for success when using Jasper to write. In general, a long-form sales page will include:

  • A headline that grabs attention
  • Subheadings with explanations
  • Clear and concise paragraphs
  • A feature to benefit bullet point list
  • Your authority credentials
  • An example of social proof
  • A solid call to action

If you’ve written content before with Jasper, you might see these bullet points and know precisely how to convert these to Jasper commands to begin writing content.

Step 2: Use your outline and a recipe to build out content

We like this recipe, built out by one of our users on the community page. Here are some other examples of what Jasper commands you could use to write your Sales page content.

A headline that grabs attention

  • Write a list of engaging headlines about {PRODUCT}.
  • Write a question about {PROBLEM}.
  • Write a PAS about {PROBLEM} for {AUDIENCE}.

Subheading with explanations

  • Write a list of common pain points associated with

Clear and concise paragraphs

  • Write an engaging paragraph about...
  • Write an informational paragraph about...
  • Write a paragraph explaining...

A feature to benefit bullet point list

  • “Write a feature to benefit about...”
  • “Write a list of ...” + “Write a feature to benefit about the above.”

Your authority credentials

  • Write a personal bio about {NAME} detailing my expertise in {TOPIC}.
  • Or write a list of facts and credentials and then use the command, “write a first-person bio.”

Strong social proof

  • Paste in some social proof for your product
  • Rewrite the paragraph above to an engaging testimonial about {PRODUCT}.

A solid call to action

  • Write a solid call to action to purchase {PRODUCT}.

Step 3: Clean it up and write more sentences.

Once you’ve written the bones of your sales page, you’ll want to edit your content. Using our Grammarly integration makes this process simple and easy.

After editing your content, write more content where you need it with the “Compose” button inside the app. Remember, Jasper reads 2000-3000 characters above where your cursor is placed inside the document.

Soon you'll be on your way to having a long-form sales page that converts!

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