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Time to rework an older article you wrote? Jasper to the rescue. Here's our working guideline to help you begin to rewrite an older article. This article assumes that you have worked through our self-paced onboarding guide, the Jasper Bootcamp. If you have not yet completed our boot camp, we recommend first getting started there. 

Jasper Loves Creative Writing

Jasper loves to write creatively. It's what he's made for 🤪 So reworking an older piece of content should be a breeze once you know how Jasper works. Jasper does not plagiarize older content. But instead, he writes based on word prediction. This means that Jasper assigns each word when you ask him to generate content for you. This is true in the document editor as well as in the templates.

That being said, rewriting content can be a breeze for Jasper if you know where to begin and what to prompt him to do.

There are a few templates/features you'll want to know before getting started rewriting content. We suggest trying all these features in your app before you get started on your first rewrite piece. 

1. The Commands template:

This template can help you to communicate with the AI in freeform speech and be specific in your instructions. Just paste the paragraph you would like to improve or rewrite into the "Background Information." In the commands section, try typing out some of these commands: "Rewrite this content to be more technical." "Rephrase this paragraph to be more engaging." "Make this paragraph more thorough."

2. Content Improver template:

We tip our hat to this old faithful template. It's a long-time favorite of the Jasper Community. This template takes your content and rewrites it to make it more interesting, creative, and engaging. This template works super well when you give Jasper the skeleton of your content and let him beef it up for you.

3. Explain it to a child template:

Think simplify! This is an excellent rewriting template to simplify what you want to say. Generally, it will make the text easier to read and understand. You can assign an output grade level like 1st grade or 9th grade.

4. Text Summarizer template:

This template might live at the bottom, but say helloooo to your new best friend. 🎉 The text summarizer template will help you get the key points from a piece of text. The text summarizer pretty much nails it every time, so you will only need to generate about 1-2 outputs to get the correct summary.

5. Highlight and rephrase function in documents:

In the document editor's toolbar, you'll notice a glitter icon. That is the rephrase tool built into the doc. To use this document function, highlight the paragraph you want to rephrase and give it a go by clicking the glitter icon. This will provide you with a floating text suggestion to replace your highlighted text with.

Note: Do not highlight the entire article, and use this rephrase button. This rephrase button works best when used on smaller chunks of content.

6. Highlight and explain it to a 5th grader function in documents:

Similar to the rephrase icon, you'll notice a smiley face icon. This is the Explain it to a 5th grader function in the doc. This will help you simplify content in your document without using the template. Highlight and select the smiley face icon to begin to simplify your content.

Note: This will default to the 5th-grade reading level. You cannot change the grade in this function. You also will not want to highlight the entire article and try to use this smiley button. This feature works best when used on smaller chunks of text.

7. Shortcode: ***

The easiest way to refocus Jasper only to read what you want him to is the shortcode ***. You can read more on it here.

So let's begin rewriting content! You will not need to use the document sidebar to paste in any content. Leave that blank for this workflow.

Step 1: Copy and Paste

First, have your old blog post, article, piece of content, etc., ready for Jasper. You can paste your older article into your document editor. You'll also want a list or reference sheet of all the facts you hope to include in this article if you are writing an article that needs to be factually accurate.

Note: If your article needs to be factually accurate, go ahead and first do a quick skim of this helpful guide.

Step 2: Summarize the Text

Next, copy the first paragraph of your article and paste it into the Text Summarizer template. You will only be given 600 characters in the input section, so it's best to work, piece by piece, when rewriting an article.

Generate only one output within the Text Summarizer template to save your credit usage. In our experience, the text summarizer pretty much hits the nail on the head.

Copy that summarized text, and under that first original paragraph, paste the summary content in. It will look something like this below.

Step 3: Write the Content

Next, you will want to be familiar with Jasper commands before using them. Commands are only available in Boss Mode. You can create content simply by giving Jasper a command and then hitting CMD + Enter or CTRL + Enter on PC.

While there's no limit to what you can ask Jasper for, there are some commands he currently understands better than others.

Running a command like the one pictured above will generate new content for you. Here are some suggestions of commands you could use with the text summary you've produced:

  • Write an intro paragraph about how {paste your text summary here}.
  • Write a paragraph about how {paste your text summary here}.
  • Rewrite the paragraph above.
  • Write a list of bullet points about {paste your text summary here}.

Also, remember, if at first you don't succeed - try, try again. Additionally, if I don't initially like the content produced by my command. I will write a sentence and then let compose finish the paragraph.

Or I will use the rewrite phrases by highlighting a piece of text and then using the glitter icon. Feel free to try any of the rewrite features/functions above to see which one works best for you.

Step 4: Edit

Next up, put on your editor hat. Our best practice is to edit that content that Jasper just wrote for you as you go. You will need to ensure that what he wrote is grammatically correct and flows within your article. We integrate with Grammarly as well. Usually, this process needs minimal editing, but you'll want to ensure you've made the time to edit the content as you write.

Step 5: Delete Older Content

Once you've edited your new rewritten paragraph, go ahead and delete the older content from the previous article. 

Step 6: Use Shortcode ***

Under your new fresh content, type in ***. This shortcode tells Jasper to stop reading the content above. It's a great tool to refocus Jasper on only the content you want him to read. It will look something like the picture below. We suggest doing this to really help Jasper focus on helping to generate new content based on the piece of content you are working on. 

Step 7: Repeat + Complete

Follow Step 1 - 6 again to continue rewriting content until you complete your article. Once you are complete, run the plagiarism checker to ensure that your content is plagiarism-free. Compare your two articles and see the magic of Jasper in real-time. 

Boom! You are on your way to being the master of rewriting your old articles. 🤠

Are you a pro at rewriting articles and want to share a tip or trick with us that you think should be included here? Please send us a message at and let us know. We make each other better. ❤️

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