Write Social Media Content

Writing social media content can be a breeze with Jasper on your side. When writing anything with Jasper, you’ll first want to have a few ideas. We recommend having a solid base of what you are hoping to write and a general outline of a writing style you would like to match.

Templates in Power Mode

The document editor in power mode will give you access to Jasper’s templates right next to your document. To toggle on power mode, click the button at the top of your document that looks like a webpage with a sidebar.

Social media posts, ads, and content can vary depending on the platform you want to promote your brand on. There are a few templates you’ll want to know before getting started writing social media content. We suggest trying all these templates in your app before you get started writing social media content.

Templates to Try

  1. AIDA framework: Foolproof framework for ads, longer social media captions
  2. PAS framework: Foolproof framework for ads, longer social media captions
  3. Persuasive Bullet Points: Brainstorm post ideas for your brand
  4. Perfect Headline: Catchy headline for your ads, posts
  5. Engaging Questions: Great for engaging your audience questions for Instagram stories
  6. Feature to Benefit: Turns your features into benefits that compel actions for ads.
  7. Unique Value Propositions: Solid #hashtags or CTAs for your brand.
  8. Email Subject Lines: Write short lines of copy that could be good for a quick Instagram caption.
  9. Personal LinkedIn Post: Build your brand with creative LinkedIn posts that stand out. 
  10. Photo Post Captions: Write catchy captions for your Instagram posts
  11. Facebook Ad Headline: Generate scroll-stopping headlines for your Facebook ads
  12. Tweet Machine: Write tweets for Twitter threads 
  13. Youtube Video Scripts and Titles
  14. TikTok Video Captions
  15. Google Ads Headline and Description 
  16. Google My Business templates 

The Importance of Inputs

It’s important to note that your input matters in a template. You will want to talk to Jasper and describe your product/post in the way you would describe this content to a friend. Use bullet points in the description box. Try not to just copy and paste content directly into these boxes. 

When you copy and paste complete sentences, Jasper tends to repeat them. Instead, rework that sentence or two to be a bullet point list of what you would want Jasper to include in your output.

Jasper Commands

You can also write social media content through Jasper commands. Commands will prompt Jasper to follow the instructions you give and write content for you. To run a command write it out and then use the keyboard shortcut: Command (CTRL) + Enter.  

Commands to Try 

  • Write an AIDA about {PRODUCT} for {AUDIENCE}
  • Write a PAS about {PRODUCT} for {AUDIENCE}
  • Write a list of persuasive bullet points for {PRODUCT}
  • Write a list of persuasive social media ideas for {PRODUCT}
  • Write a {TONE OF VOICE} headline for {PRODUCT}.
  • Write a list of engaging questions for {PRODUCT}
  • Write a feature to benefit for {PRODUCT} for {AUDIENCE}.
  • Write a list of Unique Value Propositions for {PRODUCT}
  • Write a list of hashtags for {BRAND}
  • Write an engaging Instagram caption for {PRODUCT}
  • Formulate some social media post ideas about {PRODUCT}.
  • Summarize the content above in 1 sentence.

Best Workflow

Open a new document and start from scratch. Toggle on power mode and open up one of the templates that best fit your social media post. Think through an objective or a desired outcome and work backward from there.

Change your tone of voice depending on the platform you want to write for. Remember for the tone of voice you can use celebrity personas, adjectives, and even emojis. 😎

For example, for Linkedin posts or ads, I would use a professional, informational, insightful tone of voice. On the other hand, I would use creative, fun, engaging for an Instagram post. Switching your tone of voice can direct your templates and outputs in the direction you want them to go.

Example: TULA Skincare 

Objective: I want to run a social media campaign on Instagram for a week to promote the #EmbraceYourSkin initiative. 

Write, create or paste in the description of the company or product you want Jasper to know. In this example, I pasted in a direct quote from TULA's website into the persuasive bullet points template. Then I took the bullet points I liked and pasted them into the document. Under the first bullet point, I ran a Jasper Command - "Write an engaging AIDA about TULA skincare's promotion of self-confidence and body positivity to Instagrammers."

I tweaked and edited the content to be a social media caption that matched the brand a little more. 

Everyone should be able to feel confident in their own skin, no matter what. Our promise is never to retouch any photos of skin on our website or social media platforms. You'll see "Unretouched Beauty" badges on all of our photos to solidify this promise.

You're invited to celebrate real beauty and confidence with us by sharing your own unretouched photo with the hashtag #TULAforRealBeauty. Everyone is beautiful, just the way they are.

Tag us @tulaskincare and #TULAforRealBeauty.


If you notice that Jasper is being repetitive or you do not like the output, ensure that you are tweaking your inputs. When I notice something I do not want that Jasper has written, I will change my command or description in a template to see if tweaking my output will give Jasper more room for a better outcome.

If you need more help with repetitive content, check out these tips and tricks. 

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