Writing Emails with Jasper

Jasper can help you craft engaging emails that will captivate your audience and help you achieve your business objectives. With Jasper, you'll save time by following simple prompts and steps, which will help you create emails that increase your open rates, click rates, and drive conversion rates up.

Craft your Email with Jasper

Understand your Audience

A powerful way to begin writing emails is to first determine your audience's needs and how it connects to what you can provide through your company.

The document editor is a great place to begin. You can prompt Jasper with commands to understand what your target audience might want to hear in this email. Determine the age, gender, location, or occupation of who you're trying to reach, and paste it at the top of your document. 

Here are some commands you can run once you've pasted that information in the document editor:

  • "Write about the goal this audience can achieve with {product/service}."
  • "Write a list of reasons this audience is an ideal customer for my {business type} business."
  • "Write a list of challenges my audience struggles with." 

Jasper Chat is great for ideation when it comes to emails. Here are some prompt ideas:

  • Suggest ideas for what to include in a full email drip sequence for a customer onboarding campaign
  • What are some challenges my audience of content writers may be facing?
  • How can my product/company help my audience solve these challenges?
  • Suggest ideas for what to include in a full email drip sequence for my company/product.
  • Write a full 3-part email campaign for my company addressing the main challenges my target audience may be facing. Include a strong CTA.
  • Craft a captivating email campaign that effectively showcases our company's products/services, includes a strong call-to-action, and engages our target audience. Make sure to create intriguing subject lines that will encourage recipients to open the emails.

These workflows should help you get some great content that solves your audience's goals!

Draft Individual Emails & Email Sequences in Power Mode

Power Mode gives you access to all of the templates and workflows in a view right inside your document, from subject lines to emails to campaigns and more!

Best Templates for Emails: Personalized Cold Emails, Email Subject Lines, Paragraph Generator, Persuasive Bullet Points, Commands, Tone Detector, Press Release, Feature to Benefit

  • Email Campaign Workflow: Access this workflow in a document. This workflow will get you from end to end for an entire email campaign.

Fun Tips: Try using your target audience as your Tone of Voice, Include CTA’s in your inputs, and focus on a problem-solution approach! By understanding what challenges your audience faces, you can create emails tailored to their needs and present solutions for them.

Use the Chrome Extension to Respond in Seconds

If you want to respond to any email quickly and efficiently, Jasper's Chrome Extension can help. After installing it, simply highlight any editable text, and you can rewrite it any way you want. Whether you want to use our predefined list of options or write a custom command, the Chrome Extension has everything you need to get your message across in seconds.

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