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Lights, camera, emails! Time to engage your audience with creatively crafted emails. Writing emails with Jasper allows you to connect with your audience deeper. Simply follow a few prompts and steps that will cut your email creation time in half, all while boosting open rates, click rates and driving conversion rates through the roof. 

Jasper shines when writing creatively for you. Remember that if you want specific facts or information included, ensure that you are giving that information to Jasper either in the Personalized Cold Email template or inside the document editor. See here for more information on factually accurate articles and how to give Jasper the best inputs.   

Craft your Email with Jasper in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1: Understand your Audience

A powerful way to begin writing emails is to first determine your audience's needs and how it connects to what you can provide through your company. The good news here, is that Jasper can also help make sense of this for you. 

Switch to power mode in the document editor and go to the company bio template. Fill in the input prompts and select a company bio that best fits your company and brand. For now, switch back to focus mode and paste the company bio into the content brief of the document editor. 

Next, you can run a few commands to understand what your target audience might want to hear in this email. Determine the age, gender, location, and occupation of who you're trying to reach, and paste it at the top of your document. 

Here are some commands you can run once you've pasted that information in the document editor:

  • "Write about the goal this audience can achieve with {product/service}."
  • "Write a list of reasons this audience is an ideal customer for my {business type} business."
  • "Write a list of challenges my audience struggles with."

Don't forget to downvote the output and try again if you get any repetitive outputs. Read more here. 

This workflow should help you get some great content that solves your audience's goals. 

Step 2: Create an Email

Now that you have a great foundation for your email - let's start to build out that email with Jasper. Keep the current command answers inside your document so Jasper can read them and generate a more focused email for you. 

  • Next, open up Power Mode. 
  • Choose the "Personalized Cold Email" Template
  • Use the content Jasper generated from your first command (about your audience's goals) in the "Tell Us About Your Product" section. 
  • In the "Context to Include in the Email," paste any of the challenges your customer struggles with. For example, if I'm writing about a gym, I can put one of the challenges in this section: "You may not have enough time to fit a workout into their busy schedule."
  • Generate that content and paste it into your document.

You can use command + J or compose to have Jasper elaborate on any content in that email. You can also use a command like "Expand on this solution."

Here are some other command ideas to spice up the content:

  • "Write a call to action at the end of this email."
  • "Write a list of benefits of {your business}."

Also, you can use some other templates to generate unique content. Try these templates in power mode:

  • Persuasive Bullet Points
  • Feature to Benefit
  • Unique Value Propositions
  • AIDA framework
  • PAS framework

Step 3: Write Your Subject Line 

Try a template or simply write a command. As a rule of thumb, first, run through the "Email Subject Lines" template. Try some different tones of voice to see how clever Jasper can be. Make sure you prompt Jasper with the correct information you are wanting to be included in this subject line. 

You can also use the command "Write a {adjective/tone of voice} subject line for this email" in the document editor. We've also tested using persuasive bullet points, perfect headline or even the attention from AIDA framework as email subject lines. 

Step 4: Repeat

Now that you have your first email and understand how your business can benefit your audience keep using Step 1 to generate emails. You can use the AIDA and PAS templates in addition to the cold email template to give your content more structure. Repeat Steps 2 and 3, and you'll have a strong email campaign in no time. Using the same document for the campaign can help you keep your content cohesive, and it will help you maintain the same tone of voice throughout.

For your organization, use the Headings to differentiate between each email. For example, format your content like this:

Email 1 (H1)

Subject Line: (H2)

Content: Text

Simple as that! ✨ Got any tips and tricks to add? Message us over at hey@jasper.ai.

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