How To Use Jasper Art

Jasper Art allows you to create beautiful, original AI images using Jasper’s new text-to-image functionality. You’ll find Art in the sidebar of your app. Once selected, you'll be given two options for creating images:

  • Basic: Opens up a template with suggested inputs (style, medium, mood, etc.) to give you a bit more guidance for a high-quality output
  • Freeform: Opens up a blank image description bar for you to tell Jasper about the image you want to create 


Click Create and let the magic happen. Jasper will create four images for you to choose from. Images will take a few seconds to generate while Jasper is thinking. Don’t love the images? Try adjusting your input in the image description or hit the create button again to produce a new set of images. 

Feeling Stuck? Have Jasper give me a prompt: Click the button to the left of Create to get the creative juices flowing. Jasper will fill in prompt for you to create a few images!

Image Results & Actions 

Click on any image to expand it. From here, you will have a few options: 

  • Screenshot: The screenshot button will capture the image(s) you see plus the image description you used to generate the image(s)
  • Copy to Clipboard: Copy any image to the clipboard by clicking the icon the top right corner of the image
  • Download: Download any image using the icon in the top right corner of the image
  • Go Back: The arrow in the top left corner of the image will take you back to see all four images generated
  • Thumbs Up/Down: Give Jasper some feedback by clicking thumbs up or down in the bottom left corner. Tell Jasper this was a good image, or this image doesn't match my prompt. 
  • Flag: Report this image for containing biased or sensitive content 
  • Image History: You can view your image result by clicking Show History in the top right corner of the page. All image descriptions and image results will be saved here

What Jasper isn’t the best at creating… yet! 

  • Words: Jasper struggles to spell words correctly, so you may see some interesting outputs if you ask for an infographic or meme
  • Faces: Human faces may sometimes look melty or distorted. Don’t be alarmed. You may just need to adjust your inputs for a more specific result.


How much does Art cost? 

During this first-access time period, we’re offering UNLIMITED image generations for just $20/user/mo. Please know that this is a temporary price that will likely change in the future. 

Does Art use credits? Is there a limit to how many images can create per month? 

For now, Jasper Art does not use credits and image generation is unlimited :) 

Can we use the images on our site/blogs? 

Yes! The images you create with Art can be used on blogs, websites, for creative, etc. 

Please know that you are responsible for the content you post including its legality, reliability, and appropriateness. While Art encourages creativity, please respect the copyright of others when generating images. We discourage copyright infringement and ask that you are mindful of this when using Art. You can read more about Jasper Art for commercial use here

Who owns the images Jasper Art creates?

At this time, all images are creative commons. You are free to use the images however you want, but please know that your images could also be used by others. The AI image-generation landscape is new and exciting. It’s also rapidly changing, including legally. Please read more about using Jasper Art for commercial use here

What's the image resolution and are there resizing options?

Right now our image resolution is 512 x 512 and there are not resizing options available within Jasper. However, we hope to offer resizing options in the future! You can always use third party sites to change the resolution or size of the image at this time. 

What are the best practices to get the best image possible?

We've gathered a few helpful tips and tricks to get high-quality outputs. As always, high-quality inputs lead to high-quality outputs. So what is a high-quality output? Check out our Art Gallery and our full list of #ProTips here.

Is there anything I’m not allowed to ask Jasper to create with Art?

Our AI does have a content filter. The filter's aim is to detect any generated text that could be sensitive or unsafe. Please know that with image generation being new, our system will err on the side of caution. If you receive an error, try to modify the words in your input and create the image again. Read more about our content filter here

What is the Jasper Art refund policy?

We are not issuing refunds for Jasper Art. You can set your Art subscription to cancel at the end of your billing cycle by going to your settings > billing > cancel art subscription.

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