How to Cancel Jasper Art

We're sad to see you go but thanks for giving Jasper Art a shot! 🚀

You can cancel your Jasper Art subscription at any time inside of the app. Canceling Jasper Art will not cancel your Jasper Write subscription.

To cancel, go to Billing in your settings and scroll to the Jasper Art subscription section. You will see a "cancel plan" button. 

Cancellations will be automatically set for the end of your billing cycle. This ensures that you can still use Jasper Art for the billing period you have already paid for.

Changed your mind?

To remove a cancellation, go ahead and email us at We will need to manually remove this pending cancellation for you.

Refund Policy

We will honor a 5-day money-back guarantee from your previous date of purchase if you have not used a completed free trial. 

When you cancel your account, refunds are not automatic. You will need to reach out directly to us within five days to receive a refund. Cancellations are defaulted to be set at the end of your billing cycle. 

  • We will not issue a refund for any months you used your account outside of our refund policy. 
  • We will not issue a refund if you have used your account in the same calendar month as your request outside of the 5-day money-back guarantee. Instead, please cancel your account to avoid any future subscription charges.

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