Jasper Chat

Now introducing Jasper Chat! We’re so excited to bring you a better way to write with Jasper. 

With Jasper Chat, you can use our AI assistant just like you're talking to a coworker or friend. Just tell Jasper what you want to write and watch the magic happen.  

Come join us for faster writing and more creative ideas with Jasper Chat!

How to access Jasper Chat 

To access Chat, it is available in the left side nav of your app. You can also access Chat mode at the top of each document where you see Focus, SEO, and Power modes. 

How to use Jasper Chat

Using Jasper Chat is easy and intuitive. To start a conversation

  • Open Chat mode in a document and type your request in the chat box. Y
  • Add specific instructions to provide context for Jasper.
  • Hit “Send” and Jasper will get right to work.
  • Create multiple chat threads for different topics and campaigns.

Suggested prompts 

If you’re ever unsure of what to write, Jasper can provide some helpful suggested prompts so you can get your creative juices flowing. Just hit the “Show prompts” button and explore the suggested topics that Jasper has for you. With this powerful feature at your fingertips, you’ll easily tackle any writing task. If you don't need the prompts, just hit the "Hide prompts" button to get rid of these. 

Message context buttons

With the message context buttons, you can perform a number of different actions:

  • The 👁️ button will hide a message from Jasper’s memory for future chat responses. 
  • Upvote 👍 or downvote 👎 any messages from Jasper – this helps him learn and become more accurate over time. 
  • The Enhance Prompt button allows you to edit a prompt within chat to get better results.
  • Retry a response by clicking on the “Retry” button. 
  • The “Copy” button will copy a response directly to your clipboard.
  • Or paste it right into your document with the “Paste” button.


Can I use Jasper Chat like a search engine?

Jasper Chat is not a research engine and any facts in its responses should be fact-checked. Responding to informational queries is not its purpose, helping you communicate an idea through writing in a range of formats is. 

Will the content generated in Jasper Chat be saved?

Yes! Like all other AI outputs with Jasper, chat history is available in your AI Outputs History section 👍 You can also separate your content using multiple Chat threads.

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