Google Search Results in Jasper Chat

With Jasper Chat's new Google Search integration, you can now get up-to-date responses and high-quality sources directly with your outputs. 

When using Google Search Engine results for context, Jasper Chat will now provide you with relevant responses and backlinks alongside of your content. This allows you to craft content more recent than 2021 about the hottest topics, recent news stories, or nearby eateries and attractions - just to name a few! 🤩

How to access Jasper Chat 

To access Jasper chat, you must have access to Documents. Chat mode is available in the left side nav of your app. You can also access Chat mode at the top of each document where you see Focus, SEO, and Power modes. 

How to enable Google Search Results 

To use this feature, simply toggle on "Include Google search data" at the bottom right of the chat window. Once toggled on, Jasper Chat will include relevant search results straight from Google. Toggle this off if you don't want the response to use or include Google search data. 


Can I use Jasper Chat as a search engine?

Jasper Chat is not a research engine and any facts in its responses should be fact-checked. Please know that the content will seem more relevant, but still shouldn’t be considered 100% factual. As always, we encourage you to continue to fact check these sources and be the true editor to Jasper as your writing assistant. This is not a Search Engine, but rather an easy way to get up-to-date responses and relevant sources for your writing.

Can I get more than three sources in the results?

No. At this time, Google Search in Chat will surface three relevant search results. To make it easier to explore the sourced materials, we have included convenient hyperlinks that open each source in a new window.

Use Cases & Examples

1. Write a paragraph about [PERSON]

Google Search Enabled

Google Search Disabled 

2. Write a paragraph on the latest news about [COMPANY]

Google Search Disabled 

3. Write a short post about the best [ATTRACTION] near me

Google Search and Location Disabled 

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