How to use Knowledge base

Jasper Knowledge base is an innovative feature of Jasper AI that allows users to save and reuse content tailored to their brand voice. Jasper Knowledge helps maintain your Brand Voice by storing information related to product, companies, and people. This ensures consistency with your brand messaging across all channels, making it easy for you to evoke the right emotions in your target audience and drive them to take action.


Where can I use knowledge?

With Jasper Knowledge, you can customize templates like Commands, Jasper Chat, Paragraph Generator, One-Shot Blog Post, Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph, Company Bio, Press Release, and Press Release Title & Intro.

How can I create a knowledge base entry?

  1. Navigate to Jasper Brand Voice on the left side of your dashboard
  2. Click on the "Knowledge base" button
  3. Click + Add knowledge
  4. Name your knowledge base entry, add custom tags for organization, and upload your information in the form of text or uploading a file.
  5. Add the knowledge to your library

How does knowledge work?

Jasper chunks data, finds relevant information, and uses those chunks as content for the generation of content. In Chat, context can be uploaded as a .txt file, .docx file, or PDF file. Multiple knowledge base entries can be selected to create content with multiple documents in mind. You can also save any content that you generate as a Knowledge base asset and reuse it later, which helps make content creation faster and less time-consuming.

Who can edit the knowledge base?

All users of Jasper can create, update, and delete knowledge from JBV.

What are custom tags?

Custom Tags allow you to create your own tags for JBV. Easily search for and organize related knowledge quickly and efficiently.

What plans have access to the knowledge base?

Jasper Knowledge base is available on all paid plans. The Creator Plan gives access to 50 knowledge base entries, while the Teams Plan comes with 150 knowledge base entries. For larger organizations, the Business Plan comes with unlimited Knowledge base assets, allowing for maximum customization and brand consistency.

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