Art Tips & Tricks: Faces

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Are you struggling to create life-like faces with Jasper Art? Here are some of our best tips for generating incredible people and faces.

Be descriptive and give context

Facial features

Describe what exactly you want to see in the face - “bright eyes, open lips smile, a broad nose, dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, medium dark skin tone…” - rather than simply relying on a subject like “woman’s face” in your image description.


Clothes may not be relevant if you want a really close portrait of a person. But if you’re wanting to zoom out and see more details, dress your person up! Try adding some details like “yellow blouse, gold chain necklace” for an image that includes the shoulders. Try adding even more details like “brown leather belt, medium blue denim jeans” to move further down the body and generate a wider frame.


Consider making your art look a little more interesting and realistic by adding a background behind your person. To do this, you can describe a scene or a landscape where your person might exist - snowy mountains, a modern office building exterior, etc.

Extra keywords

When generating faces, try out some of these keywords:

  • symmetrical eyes / symmetrical face
  • highly detailed / insane detail / ultra detailed / intricate details
  • perfect composition
  • concept art
  • sharp focus
  • soft smooth lighting
  • 8k resolution
  • realistic / photorealistic
  • photograph / painting / illustration / digital painting
  • full color / black and white


As a basic principle of experimentation, start with one variable to see if it made the difference you want, then try another variable. If you try several all at once, you won’t know which keyword made the positive difference in your art! So rather than starting with “face", followed by “beautiful face, glowing light, symmetrical eyes” in your image description, go one-by-one with the new keywords you would like to try to improve your faces. Take note of the keywords that give you the best results!

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