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For users who have a Creator, Teams, or Business account you have access to some of the best tools within the Jasper world - including workflows! 

Workflows are a way to quickly create long-form content in one go! Staring at a blank document can be intimidating, so we've combined the best Jasper has to offer to give you everything you need in one place to create long-form content or a complete campaign in minutes. Follow the steps in the workflow and watch the content paste into the document editor as you go. The finished product will be a fully formed piece of content.

Accessing Workflows 

  • Navigate to your Documents and click the + to create a new document
  • Click the Select Workflow dropdown under Quickly Create content with a Workflow 
  • Select a workflow from the list
  • This will open a new document with the workflow of your choice in Power Mode

Using Workflows 

  • Enter the details for each workflow on the left and click Generate. This will give you content that you can accept, or regenerate 
  • Once you are happy with the output, click Next
  • Next will pull over the content into your document, then move you down to the next step in the workflow 

Blog Post Workflow 

Did you know blog posts are the most popular form of content for Jasper users? This workflow will allow you to create an entire blog post with multiple paragraphs in one experience. This workflow includes the following components:

  • Blog post outline 
  • Body paragraphs for each outline topic 
  • Conclusion paragraph 

Email Campaign Workflow

Need to write a sequence of cold emails fast? This workflow will allow you to create a comprehensive email campaign with a few clicks. This workflow includes the following components: 

  • Company description 
  • Target audience(s)
  • Pain points
  • Change your tone of voice
  • Email 
  • Email subject lines

Social Media Campaign Workflow

This workflow will allow you to create an entire social media campaign for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This workflow includes the following components:

  • Background context for your content
  • Instagram caption ideas
  • Hashtags
  • Twitter thread
  • Facebook post headlines & body options
  • LinkedIn post

Rewrite Content Workflow

Have content that you need to rewrite, repurpose, or summarize? This workflow will help you do just that. This workflow includes the following components:  

  • Summarize content
  • Paragraph outline 
  • Rewritten content 
  • Extra paragraphs to consider 

Blog Post Starter

Blog Post Starter is a legacy Jasper feature that is now stored under workflows! The full functionality of the original Blog Post Starter is available here & this workflow includes the following components: 

  • Title with options to choose from 
  • Intro paragraph with options to choose from
  • Option to add additional context 

Ad Workflow

Need some ideas for new ads? Follow three simple steps to get you some GREAT ad content for social media and for Google. This workflow includes the following components: 

  • Background information about your company
  • Social media ad ideas 
  • Google ad ideas 

We're excited about the power and the future of workflows, so keep an eye out for new options added to your workspace in the future.

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