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  • What are some good ideas for an email drip sequence about buying Jasper AI for the holidays?
  • Can you write a cold personalized email about each point?
  • Can you write an email specific to point 1?
  • Can you write a second email in the sequence about point 3?
  • Can you create point 6 into a clever and short email?

Social Media


  • Can you make that email into a long, clever Linkedin post? Include emojis.


  • Write a punchy twitter thread about {topic}.


  • Can you turn that into a Facebook post with an eye-catching headline?


  • Write a quick slogan for an Instagram caption.


  • What could I include an infographic about the benefits of

Google Ads

  • Write a 30 character Google ad headline.
  • Can you make that have only 4 words?
  • Write a list of 4 word google ad headlines about {topic} can you write a small description under each?
  • Website Copy:draft a landing page about and the holidays


  • Write some ideas for a blog title about {topic}
  • Write a blog post outline for this topic: {topic you chose from list Jasper gave you} write a full blog based off of the blog body
  • Write a paragraph about {heading}
  • Write a success story about {topic}.


  • Can you format that into an email?
  • Change that to have fewer exclamation points can you give me a bulleted list about each? 

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