Managing campaigns

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Jasper provides Campaigns as a way to superpower your content generation, especially when you're generating several pieces of content around the same goal. You can use Campaigns to...

  • Create and manage content for a marketing campaign
  • Group together blog posts and related promotional content within a blog series
  • Collaborate with teammates on a shared project

To start a new campaign, use the Campaigns tab in your left-side panel. If you’re already in Campaigns, you can click “Create campaign” in the top right corner of your Campaigns view.

Jasper will kickstart your campaign by asking you for a campaign summary or to upload your brief. Jasper will then give you a major head start on your campaign by writing any of your selected pieces of content all at once! From there, you can review and edit your content to its final, perfect state 🤩.

You can always start a blank campaign if you’re looking for a clean slate. Simply select “Skip & create blank campaign” as your first step. From there, you can add new documents or images, or add new content using a template. Happy creating!

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