Plan & Pricing Updates for Existing Jasper Users

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*As of December 5th 2023, the information in this article is representative of Jasper's legacy Creator, Team, and Business plans. These plans are no longer available for new users. You can find up to date information on Jasper's plans and pricing here.

Pricing Update

As one of our core values, we strive to provide transparency to our customers. That's why we are excited to announce the latest pricing updates from Jasper! As of May 2nd, 2023, we are moving to new plans and pricing that we hope benefit all new and existing Jasper users.

We understand that pricing can be a complex topic, which is why we are committed to continuously testing and improving our pricing structure.

All credit-based plans are being migrated to one of our new plans: Creator, Teams, or Business. All accounts have been upgraded to a plan with no increase to your monthly or annual bill. These plans are no longer credit-based, so you have access to unlimited words generated by AI at no additional cost to you! All we ask is that you use the new plans and give us any feedback on your experience.

Plan Details

Jasper now offers three plans: Creator, Teams, and Business. Check out all the full pricing and feature comparisons for our new plans here:

  • The Creator plan is designed for freelancers, marketers, and entrepreneurs. Creator starts at $39/mo (billed annually) with access to unlimited words for a single user.
  • The Teams plan is designed for small teams. Teams starts at $99/mo (billed annually) with access to unlimited words for up to three users. You can add up to 5 users on the Teams plan for an additional $49/user/mo (annual billing).
  • The Business plan is designed for larger teams, departments, and organizations who need a scalable and customizable AI platform. Business pricing is custom-based on individual requirements. Business grants access to unlimited words and allows a customizable number of users. Additionally, Business customers benefit from exclusive templates, personalized customization, dedicated coaching, SSO, and API integration among other advantages. To learn more, please connect with one of our team members here.
Plan Price Users Words per month
Creator $49/month* 1 Unlimited
Teams $125/month* 3 included - $62/mo* for each additional user up to 5 total Unlimited
Business Customized Customized Unlimited

*prices are based on monthly billing. Annual billing includes 20% savings!


I'm already a Jasper customer, what is happening to my plan?

We have migrated all active Jasper accounts into our new plan and pricing structure. Great news - this means your plan has been upgraded with access to unlimited credits at no additional cost to you!

To understand the details of your new plan, please visit your billing page or reach out to our Support Team at for more information.

Will my payments go up?

No! This upgrade comes at no additional cost to you. However, if you choose to upgrade or downgrade to another plan, you will need to migrate to the new pricing and will not be able to retain the discounted price you currently pay.

What about the new plan is better?

Your new plan comes with unlimited credits & access to the latest Jasper features. No more paying for how many credits you use per month, you're free to create content without limits for the same price!

Do I need to do anything on my account?

Nope! For now, just enjoy this no-extra-charge upgrade on us.

How many users does my account have now?

Check out the billing and teams page within your settings to see the exact user count on your account! With the migration, all users were retained on your account. You may remove users from your account or change your plan via the Edit Plan section of your billing.

What is the cost of adding additional users?

If you need more than one user, you will need to upgrade from Creator to Teams. On Teams, you have 3 users included and can add up to 5 additional users (5 users total).

  • If your account is billed annually, each additional user is $49/mo. on Teams
  • If your account is billed monthly, each additional user is $62/mo. on Teams

Can I upgrade to a different plan if I want more features?

Yes! You can upgrade to a different plan at any time. For most plan changes, you will need to migrate to the new pricing, but you can add additional users up to our 5 user limit, and keep your price discount, if you are in the Teams plan.

How can I downgrade if I feel like I'm in a poor fit plan?

If you ever want to change your plan, you can visit the billing page to downgrade your plan. Please know that you will lose access to your current price with the migration discount when adjusting your plan.

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