Campaign brief best practices

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A brief is the starting point for creating campaigns with Jasper. Briefs help orient the entire campaign around a target audience and goal, and ensure that every piece of content speaks to that audience with the same, shared key message and tone of voice. Consistent, on-brand content generation faster than you’ve ever done it before!

How can I start my campaign with a brief?

There are two ways:

  1. Upload the brief

These are our upload requirements. We are continually seeking to expand the types, sizes, and lengths of starter content Jasper accepts!

  • Accepted files: pdf, doc, docx, txt
  • Max file size 3MB
  • Max words: 5,000 words
  1. Type or paste the brief
A screenshot of the Jasper web app showing a focused modal titled
This is your starting point for any campaign where you can upload, type, or paste a brief.

What should I include in my brief?

Jasper is looking for this information in your brief:

  1. An overview of your product or service, including its name, description, value proposition or unique selling proposition (USP), and a website if applicable.
    • Your value proposition can describe in one or several statements how your product or service benefits the lives of its users. There can also be multiple value propositions or sets of value propositions for each of the different audiences you target.
    • Your unique selling proposition can describe how your product or service is positioned relative to others in the industry, and can often be the snappy, 1-liner version of your value proposition.
    • If you're unsure on how best to summarize your product or service here, you can always use Jasper Chat to help you brainstorm!The overview of your product or service should be similar across all of your campaigns.
  1. An overview of your campaign, including its timeframe, theme, or purpose.
    • For example: Summer sandals sale, live from June 1-July 30.
  1. Campaign goals
    • For example: Drive website traffic to 20,000 weekly visitors/week
  1. Target audience
    • For example: 25-34 year olds living in the Los Angeles metropolitan area with an affinity for online shopping
  1. Key messages
    • For example: Free expedited shipping to get your shoes fast, Try before you buy program ensures you get exactly what you need, Comfortable, durable shoes from trusted brands, etc.
  1. Any messages or wording for Jasper to avoid, if applicable

If you’re lacking any of this information, Jasper will still do the work of generating your campaign! But the more context you provide around the campaign, the higher quality your campaign assets will be.

Use your voice

In addition to the brief, you can also provide a campaign name and select a voice. Campaigns without a name will be auto-named with any context you provide about the campaign. If you haven’t already created a voice, you can do it from this page!

A screenshot of the Jasper web app showing three options for creating a voice: From text, Upload file, Enter URL
Create a voice from text, upload, or URL to use in you campaign

Adding to your brief

After you’ve created your campaign, you can also fill out these fields for your and your team’s reference throughout the campaign. These fields are not used in your content generation.

  • Stakeholders
  • Things to avoid - this one is referenced in generations
  • Channels
  • Deliverables
  • Timeline
  • Budget
  • References
A screenshot from the Jasper web app showing a campaign page for a campaign titled
Your brief can be referenced at any time throughout your campaign. Overview, goals, target audience, and key messages are referenced in all of your content generation, along with any other context you provided when you created the campaign. Stakeholders, channels, deliverables, timeline, budget, and references fields in the brief are not referenced for content generation.

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