Art Tips & Tricks: Image Inputs

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Now you can create Art using your own image as a starting point. 🎨 Simply upload your own image to Jasper Art, enter an image description, and you've created Art using your own image as a reference.

How To

When using image inputs, it's helpful to see your image as the primary part of the input and the description as secondary. Meaning, if you describe something with no relationship to your image input, you will still see a heavy influence on generated art from the image you uploaded. Here's how it works: 

Step 1: Upload an Image

Accepted file types:

  • Images can be uploaded as inputs in the following file types: SVG, PNG, JPG, and GIF.
  • Generated images are available for download as PNG files.
  • Note that for GIF files, only the first frame image will be used, and the generated images are available as PNG downloads only.
  • For HEIC files (the file type used with iPhone Live Photos), we recommend changing the file extension to .jpg before uploading to Jasper Art as an image input.

Step 2: Write an image description paired with the image

  • DO: Write a detailed image description that uses the original image as a reference (up to 400 characters). 
    • Example: A photo of a puppy with black shaggy fur looking up at the camera, sitting on a white sheet with small gold dots
  • DON’T: Write a command for Jasper Art to carry out on the image.
    • Example: Make the puppy's fur blue


Where Jasper is a pro

  • Generating 4 variations of an image, especially with a style change.
  • Replacing one single image subject with another single image subject.
  • Take inspiration from a highly detailed image.

Style change

Idea: Take this painted version of Santa and update the illustration style

Subject change

Idea: Take this painted version of Santa and update the subject

Where Jasper doesn't perform well

  • Replacing multiple subjects.
  • Product imagery (for example, take my product image and put it on a model or on location).
  • Take inspiration from a simplistic (product on white background, for example) image.

Multiple subject replacement

Idea: Take this painted version of Santa and replace him with multiple subjects

Product Imagery

Idea: Take the orange high heels and put them elsewhere

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