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At Jasper, we believe change fuels growth and innovation. That's why we're constantly updating our platform to meet your ever-changing needs. But keeping up can be challenging, so we created this space to keep you in the loop! 

Check out our latest updates, enhancements, and new features here. From pricing updates to exciting tools, this is your go-to source for all things Jasper. Stay informed and empowered as we continue to evolve and improve our platform together - You'll want to bookmark this page! 


Transform Your Content Creation with Our Latest Features!

We're excited to introduce a whole new interface designed to turbocharge your creative process.

  • Custom Create Bar: Elevate any task to a marketing asset with ease. Just define your desired outcome, and let Jasper expertly guide you on the optimal path ahead.
  • Introducing Create Flows: Experience an unparalleled content creation journey with our innovative guided input panel. Unlock the full potential to produce remarkable content effortlessly.
  • Smart Suggestions on the Go: Unlock your creative flow with real-time prompts that enhance your content creation process, resulting in faster and superior outcomes.
  • Expanded Template/Flow Library: Dive into our vast array of templates that cater to your every need. Find your niche, find your voice.
  • Streamlined Interface Upgrade: Access all the essential tools for content mastery right at your fingertips. Ideate, create, and evaluate without hassle.

Don't just stay ahead of the curve—be the curve.

Want some help navigating the change? Here is a full walk-through of the new look!

Create Unified Brand Voice Across Multiple Channels with Jasper's Campaign's

Jasper's latest feature that allows users to create end-to-end marketing campaigns with a unified brand voice across multiple channels. With Campaigns, users can eliminate delays and maintain control over asset creation, while giving more time back to marketers.

Key features of Campaigns include the ability to create a brief based on a campaign summary, generate as many assets as needed (such as blog posts, case studies, Facebook image ads, Google text ads, and more), continue building on the campaign with Instant Magic, and include the brand voice and memories for a unique and consistent campaign.

Everywhere you type, there's Jasper: Jasper Everywhere Extension 

With this feature, you can run commands and compose messages in almost any location on the web. Our extension provides a more convenient and efficient workflow, allowing for seamless transitions between platforms without interrupting your creative process. Experience the full potential of Jasper's platform with the Jasper Everywhere Extension.

...wait, there's more!

  • Unlock your potential with Jasper Academy! Explore our comprehensive course materials and structured learning paths to become a skilled and proficient Jasper user.
    • Jasper Foundations is designed for new Jasper members to gain the essential knowledge and skills to effectively utilize Jasper as your marketing co-pilot. 
  • Looking for Grammarly? It's no longer available in Jasper. Instead, we suggest trying the free Outwrite browser extension. It offers comparable spelling and grammar features, seamlessly integrates with the Jasper editor, and works across the web.
  • Now you can easily highlight and translate content into 25+ languages in the extension and in the app.
  • We created the holy grail of 500+ Jasper prompts for every team.

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