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Good news! We have a specifically trained template for Product Descriptions! 🤠 Our team at Jasper fine-tunes the AI models based on the structure of our templates to ensure impressive outputs based on the inputs given.

Best Practice for the Template

You are given a character limit inside your template's input section to ensure that Jasper reads and focuses on precisely what you want him to write. Specifically for descriptions, try using bullet points or lists.

Helpful note: A common hiccup we see is that Jasper users will tend to copy and paste a competitor's product description into the "tell us about the product" box. Rather than copy and pasting directly, try summing up the other product description into bullet points to prompt Jasper. For this template, Jasper wants to do the sprucing up for you. This ensures that he is not repeating content for you.

More reasons why Jasper might be repeating your input content.

Once you've mastered the template product description, you might stop there, or you might want to level up your product description again with the document editor.

Best Practice for Creating Your Product Description

Now the fun begins! The document editor gives you more options to lengthen your Product Description by using the compose button. Let's walk through building a new product description from scratch.

Step 1: Learn your Buyer Persona and Tone of Voice

Trying to match a tone of voice but don't know where to begin? Try our Tone Detector template or leverage Jasper Brand Voice to select your tone. Once you know the correct tone of voice to use for your audience, you can write for them.

Step 2: Write a list of your benefits

Your product is unique, and you want your product description to show that. Either use a list of benefits you already have or use a Jasper command to get a list of engaging marketing angles for your product with - "Write a list of engaging marketing angles about {Product}."

From there, you can use even more Jasper commands to build out more content for your product description. Try to focus on the benefits that align with your tone of voice and appeal to your audience.

A product description will include the features and the benefits. A product feature is a factual statement that provides technical information. However, a product benefit, on the other hand, tells how the product can improve the buyer's life.

Step 3: Include Essential Details in Your Format

Most likely, you know your product more than Jasper does. So give him the essential details you are looking for in your product description.

Some descriptions are short, and others are a bit more lengthy. Some contact one sentence with a small list of bullet points, and others are just one long paragraph.

If your product descriptions are meant to be longer, get ready to have some fun. An engaging story could come in handy. Creative writing is Jasper's bread and butter. Try the command, "tell me a creative story about the benefits of {PRODUCT}."

Helpful note: Whenever you use this type of command, be prepared for the full creativity of Jasper to be unleashed. If you love your story but aren't sure it's factually accurate, it most likely is not. You will always want to fact-check Jasper before publishing any content.

Step 4: Optimize your Description with Keywords.

You also can include SEO keywords if you are looking to rank your content. Keyword research should first be done outside of Jasper using Surfer SEO or another keyword research tool. Then, keywords can be added throughout your description manually, or you can try using the keywords section of the sidebar.

Step 5: Make your own Product Description Recipe to Follow.

Once you've learned the magic of Jasper and his commands - you can create some standard commands to start building out any product description. Here's a generic one we built with Jasper in the past:

Product Description

{Name of Product}

Write some bullet points about {Name of Product}

Write a descriptive paragraph based on the above.

Write an engaging product description about the topic above.

Write a feature to benefit from the topic above.

Write a fun story about the topic above.

It's common practice that your product descriptions written with Jasper shouldn't just push your product but also illuminate the main points about why it will improve your customer's life. A good product description will move the needle of your conversion rate.

Got any more helpful hints for killer product descriptions? Please send us a message over at hey@jasper.ai. 🤩

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