What should I put for tone of voice?

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Some templates allow you to augment the tone of voice for the output you're generating.

There is no pre-defined list of tones of voice Jasper has been programmed in. Jasper can understand almost anything you throw at him.

Remember that Jasper loves following patterns. So if you're writing funny content using short, choppy sentences and hit Compose, Jasper will be likely to match the style and tone of your content and continue writing funny content in short, choppy sentences.

Want to find out your tone of voice?

Jasper Brand Voice allows you to teach Jasper about your tone, style, and key facts about your business so that you can create content in your brand’s voice. At Jasper, we believe that AI-generated content should not come at the cost of the brand's authenticity and credibility.

Using tone of voice inside a document

In the context panel, you can choose the tone of voice for your document by selecting one of your brand voices, or select "none" and describe the tone of voice you want.

For example, you could put in the content brief section, "Write a marketing email using a cheeky tone of voice." Or, you can select the brand voice you want to apply to each.

Or include the tone of voice in the command like this, "Write a few headlines about the above in a tone of voice that is confident and includes compelling calls-to-action."

There is no pre-programmed list of tones that Jasper knows, so feel free to test and try lots of ideas. But if you want a list of ideas to get started, you can always use our list of tone ideas below:

Helpful Tips

  • Choose your tone of voice strategically 
    • Social Media Posts: Jasper can help you create social media posts that require a conversational or friendly tone of voice, such as brand announcements or contest promotions.
    • Marketing Copy: If you're looking to create marketing copy that needs to be persuasive, Jasper can help you craft compelling language that grabs the reader's attention and encourages them to take action.
    • Blog Posts: For blog posts, Jasper can help you vary your tone depending on the topic and the audience. For instance, more informative or educational posts may require an authoritative tone, while posts that explore personal or emotional topics may require a more empathetic or emotive tone.
    • Customer Support: When addressing customer concerns or complaints, Jasper can help you adopt a professional or courteous tone that builds trust and fosters positive interactions.
    • Sales Emails: Jasper can help you draft sales emails that require a persuasive or assertive tone, while also being personalized and tailored to the specific recipient.
    • Newsletters: Depending on the content of your newsletter, Jasper can help you adopt different tones, such as informative or engaging, that keep the reader interested and invested in your content.
    • Factual Content: When creating instructional, factual, or scientific material, Jasper can help you adopt a clear and concise tone that is easy to understand and follow. This type of content also requires language that is authoritative and confident, establishing credibility and expertise in the subject matter.
  • Try only using one word.
    • i.e., Don't say "funny and sarcastic". Just say "funny" or say "sarcastic".
    • Also, try to write your input in the tone of voice you want Jasper to output in.

Remember, the tone of voice will depend on the brand or message that you're trying to communicate, as well as the target audience or persona that you're trying to reach.

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