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Note: that Style Guide is a feature only available on Business Plans.

Welcome the customization of your text style. With the tone already set (thanks to Brand Voice!), it's time to focus on refining the finer details. If you're a style guide editor, you have the ability to incorporate the following specifications to meet your needs.

Grammar and Punctuation

  • Use active voice
  • Use contractions in writing
  • Use exclamation points
  • Standardize to region
    • English (US)
    • English (UK)
    • English (CA)
    • English (AU)
  • Use Oxford Commas
  • Write in
    • 1st person point of view
    • 2nd person point of view
    • 3rd person point of view
  • Remove semicolons
  • Use 2 spaces after period
  • Write in the
    • past tense
    • present tense
    • future tense

Term List

  • Make a specific word always begin with uppercase
  • Make a specific word always lowercase
  • Always abbreviate a term to something else
  • Replace Word A with Word B
  • Always write Word A in a specific way
  • Abbreviate a word after it's first use

X-ray View

Introducing X-ray view in the Editor! It scans content, highlights style guide violations, and allows you to fix them one-by-one or in the full document.

Just click "Style Guide" in the upper right corner of the document you're working in and this will open a window with each style guide violation. From here, you can either go through each violation and choose to fix it by clicking on it or click the "Apply Style Guide" button which will fix all of the violations at once.

You can see the history of any edits you've made (whether individual or by bulk) by clicking the "View Changes" button next to "Apply Style Guide".


By default, workspace admins will have access to edit the style guide for the workspace.

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