Troubleshooting a Bug

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Are you noticing something weird happening in your app and it's bringing your workflow to a screeching halt? Here's the step-by-step process to follow to fix what's going on in your app. 

Troubleshooting on Your Own

There are certain errors and bugs that can show up in your app that can be caused by your browser. These are quick and easy fixes! 

  • Clear your browser cache. 
  • Make sure your third-party cookies are enabled. This is especially important for integrations like Surfer SEO and Copyscape. 
  • Use a different browser. We recommend using Chrome.
  • Disable your VPN if you're using one. 
  • Disable pop-up blockers.
  • Turn off other extensions you have to see if any are inhibiting Jasper.

If none of this works to solve your issue, reach out to us.

Reaching Out to Support

When reaching out to, we'll need you to include the following pieces of information:

  • Your browser
  • A video of what's happening (we love Loom videos over here)
  • A description of what happened when you tried troubleshooting with those 6 steps above.

We know this can be frustrating, so we want to streamline this process to get ya the quickest and best solution.

Specific Issues and How to Solve Them

Translation Extensions

Is your content disappearing right after it's generated? A translation extension will inhibit the language settings in the app. In your Settings Workspace Language Defaults, you can change the language of your inputs and outputs. When you're in the app, rely on that instead of your extension.

Language Settings

If you are trying to write in another language but you keep getting English outputs, this one is for you. Make sure that your default workspace language in your settings is correct.

If this isn't working, make sure that your tone of voice and all other words aren't in English. Any English word in there will start to confuse Jasper and he'll most likely write in a hybrid of English and your language. 

Pasting Content

Pasting content and losing your place in the document editor? Clear your browser cache and see if this helps. Don't want to clear your cache? Press the space bar after you paste to get back to your spot. 

If you're trying to paste your content in a document outside of Jasper and you're getting a box around the text, try special pasting. You can do this with ctrl/cmd + shift + v.

Using Jasper on an iPad or Mobile Phone

iPads and phones don't always love Jasper the way we do. Make sure to check your browser settings AND device settings. Go to Settings Safari Scroll to Prevent Cross-Site Tracking Turn this Off. This should allow you to use Jasper on your iPad. 

Surfer SEO

We made this Surfer Help Doc just for you. 

Verification Codes

Not getting a verification email? First, check your spam! Verifications will come from Reach out to for help if you still don't see it.

Error Messages

There are error messages that pop up because you need to reach out to support, and there are error messages that indicate that something is prohibiting the app from working. 

Here are messages you should reach out to for:

  • Account Under Review. This is usually an indication that something violates our Terms and Conditions. Our team will review your account and let you know the next steps.
  • Contacting the Mothership. This will show up for a brief second when nothing is wrong, but if it stays on that page, check to see if the app is down, then contact support. 
  • User Not Authorized to Perform Action. This usually means your account is paused. Reach out to support to unpause it.

Here are messages you should troubleshoot with our troubleshooting steps above.

  • Websocket Error.
  • Firebase Token ID.
  • Whoops! Something went wrong. 
  • The Was A Problem Saving Your Changes. For this one, check your Internet connection - this is usually what prevents your changes from saving. 

Once you've tried troubleshooting, reach out to for help.

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