How to Add Images to Your Jasper Content

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Images are a powerful addition to any content, providing visual appeal and supporting your messaging. In Jasper, your ability to incorporate images into your content is seamless. This help article will guide you through the process of adding imagery to enhance your content's effectiveness.

Whether you're looking to upload your own photos, find the perfect stock image, or edit images for a flawless fit, Jasper and its integrated tools have got you covered. Read on to learn the steps to enrich your content with visual elements.

Uploading your own images

Adding your personal touch to Jasper content with your own images is straightforward. Here’s how you can upload your own pictures:

  1. Navigate to the section: In your Jasper document, place the cursor where you want the image to appear.
  2. Access the image upload option: Click on the image icon in the toolbar or simply drag and drop your image onto the Document Editor.


  1. Select your image: Browse your computer for the image file you want to add. Jasper supports most image formats, including JPG, PNG, SVG, and GIF. Our maximum image size supported in the Document Editor is 2MB. 
  2. Upload: Once selected, click ‘Open’ to upload the image to your Jasper content.
  3. Adjust as necessary: After the image is uploaded, you can click on it to resize or move it to fit your content layout perfectly.

Using Unsplash to add images

Don’t have an image ready? No problem! Jasper integrates with Unsplash to provide you with a vast library of high-quality, royalty-free images. To include an Unsplash image:

  1. Open the Unsplash library: Click on the image icon in the toolbar and select the 'Unsplash' option.
  2. Search for images: Type keywords into the search bar to find images that match your content. If you’ve already titled your document, Jasper will automatically open the Unsplash search with some relevant images.
  3. Preview and choose: Browse through the results to preview images. When you find the perfect image, click on it to insert it in your Jasper content. 
  4. Thank the photographer: Jasper makes it easy to find attribution information for any Unsplash image you select. While attribution isn’t required, Unsplash photographers appreciate attribution whenever possible, as it boosts exposure to their work and encourages them to continue contributing. Read more about Unsplash attribution

Editing Images with Clipdrop

Sometimes, the images you find or upload may need a bit of tweaking to fit your content’s style or to emphasize particular aspects. With the integration of Clipdrop in Jasper, you can:

  1. Add an image to your document: Upload or add an Unsplash image as mentioned in the steps above.
  2. Open Clipdrop options: Hover over the image you want to edit, and an ‘Edit’ menu will appear. Click on the menu to select the editing tool you want to use.
  3. Edit your image: In the Document Editor, you can make various adjustments with Clipdrop’s AI-powered image editing tools: 
    1. Remove background: This tool allows you to instantly remove the background of any image.
    2. Make it square: This tool uncrops your image to make it square, completing the surrounding area of the image with AI, creating an image that can be a more ideal format for social sharing and profile pictures.
    3. Remove text: This tool removes any text overlay on images, creating clean visuals for marketing materials, and making it possible to apply new marketing copy to a clean image (in a separate tool).
    4. Replace background: This tool goes one step further than the “Remove background” tool, using AI and your own text description to replace your image background with the subject placed in the foreground.
    5. Upscale to 2x quality: This makes it possible to download your images at 2x higher resolution, using Clipdrop’s “Smooth” preset, improving the quality and appeal of your images.
    6. Reimagine: This tool allows transformation of images, creating multiple image variations from a base image. 


  1. Can I search Unsplash images in other languages?
    1. Unsplash image search is best supported in English. Non-English image search support is currently in beta testing, and will start with this list of supported languages. 
  2. Are these image features available for all Jasper plans?
    1. The ability to upload your own images and search Unsplash for images is available for all Jasper plans. Some Clipdrop editing tools (Remove background, Make it square, Remove text) are available on all Jasper plans. Other Clipdrop editing tools (Replace background, Upscale image, Reimagine) are available for Pro and Business users only. 
  3. Do I need to attribute Unsplash photographs to the photographer? Does attribution change when I modify an image with AI?
    1. From Unsplash License: Unsplash images are made to be used freely. Images can be downloaded and used for free, for commercial and non-commercial purposes, with no permission needed (though attribution is appreciated!). Images cannot be sold without significant moderation, and images cannot be used to replicate a similar or competing service with Unsplash. You can read more about Unsplash attribution and license here
    2. For Unsplash images modified with Clipdrop or other editors, attribution is not recommended as it is no longer the original photographer’s image and can no longer be hosted by Unsplash. Read more from Unsplash about derivative images.

Attribution example with an original Unsplash image:michele-blackwell-rAyCBQTH7ws-unsplash.jpg


Photo by Michele Blackwell on Unsplash

  1. Attribution is not recommended on a significantly modified derivative of the image: 


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