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Here are some helpful tips for creating commands that produce excellent results as you are trying out commands. Use these tips to guide you as you fine-tune your list of commands for your specific workflows and use cases.

Tip 1: Keep It Simple

The golden rule of Jasper and specifically with commands, is to ask yourself, “how would I ask a friend to write this?” 

That is how you should write out your command. It can be tempting to be over technical and complicated, but more often than not, if you keep it simple, you will get great outputs from Jasper.

Bad Example: Generate 97 summary points about the global impact of the Atlantic Salmon market and then synthesize those thoughts into one sentence with the keyword oil and then create three bullet points about why salmon is the best fish to eat.

Good Example: Generate some persuasive bullet points about why atlantic salmon Is the best healthy dinner choice.

Tip 2: Be Creative

Commands can be simple requests like I mentioned, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. For instance, rather than just asking Jasper for a simple ol’ boring outline, you could tell Jasper to write a DETAILED outline about a topic. 

By including the word DETAILED it will completely change the way Jasper produces an outline for you. Or have him create a list for you and include “WHY” those items are included in the list. Once again, simple creative prompts in the command can produce amazing results!

Bad Example: Create a list about {TOPIC} and WHY those items are in that list

Good Example: Write a DETAILED outline about {TOPIC}

Tip 3: Change Variables

As you run different commands, remember you can always tweak and change aspects of that command to get slightly different results. For instance, ask Jasper to include specific keywords in the command or include your audience in the command. You can also write in your keywords, audience, and tone of voice in your command. 

Every time you add or change a variable, you are guaranteed to get different results. Adjusting your input will help you quickly discover the output you are looking for.

Bad Example: Write a blog for mothers about which flowers they prefer on "Mothers day". 

Good Example: Generate some website page headlines about {TOPIC} that include {KEYWORD}. 

Tip 4: Ask For Help

Finally, ask for help. If you are ever having trouble creating a command that works for you, message or email ( our customer success team and tell them about your use case and what you want to accomplish, and they will be happy to help. 

Also, join the Jasper FB Community... With the power of our 50K+ group members, you can learn how others are using Jasper too! There will be someone else who is similarly using Jasper, and you can learn from them! The Jasper community thrives on helping one another out and is a fantastic resource for folks who want to learn creative ways to leverage Jasper’s creative writing abilities.

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