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The  Developer role is now available to our API customers. The purpose of this role is to streamline your workflow by delegating responsibilities to appropriate team members to save time and maintain security within your team.

Why a Developer Role?

Admins were responsible for generating API tokens and disseminating them to developers for API integration work. This work took valuable time away from admins, and the transmission of tokens posed security risks.

To mitigate this concern, we've launched the Developer role. Now, Admins can delegate the task of generating API tokens and accessing API documentation directly to Developers. At the same time, access to critical data such as Billing, Role Management, and AI outputs will remain securely under Admins.

How to Use this Feature?

Only Admins can assign the Developer role to a team member by choosing the dropdown next to a user’s name and clicking “Developer”. You will notice our new colored tags for distinct visual differentiation of roles.

Developer’s Privileges

Developers will be granted the following capabilities:

Limitations of the Developer Role

In order to maintain security and appropriate settings within the account, Developers will not have the ability to:

  • View company data on the Usage page
  • View and edit the Permission Settings page
  • View and edit the Integrations Page
  • View and edit the Billing Page
  • Edit the AI Settings page
  • View All AI Outputs
  • Reactivate Account
  • Cancel Account
  • Invite and remove Team members
  • Change member roles
  • Take bulk actions on member roles
  • Edit the About Page/Company Info

We hope this new feature increases the security and efficiency of your team's workflow. Reach out to your CSM directly to learn more, or if you're interested in becoming an API customer reach out to us at to get started.

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