Microsoft Word Add-in

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We have integrated seamlessly with Microsoft 365, enabling you to have Jasper by your side as you work on a Word document. This integration allows you to leverage Jasper's robust features and tools without leaving your familiar Microsoft Word environment.

Installing the Add-in

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Click “Get it Now”

Step 3

Fill in info and click “Get it Now”

Step 4

You will see a page that says “Open in Word”. You can close this tab.

Using the Add-in

Step 1

Proceed to

Step 2

Click Word on the left-hand side of the Microsoft 365 dashboard

Step 3

Open a Word doc

Step 4

Under the “Home” tab, click “Add-ins” (you may have to click the “…” at the end first depending on the size of your window)

Step 5

Click the Jasper Add-in

Step 6

Sign in to Jasper

Step 7

Provide activation code for Microsoft Word

Step 8

Click “Close” and you will be taken back to your document

Step 9

Start writing!

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