Jasper Webflow Integration

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Through the Webflow Jasper AI integration, you can harness the full power of Jasper's AI marketing copilot directly within your Webflow experience. With this app, you can:

  • Rewrite any content on your website in your brand voice
  • Transform creative briefs into multi-page or multichannel campaigns in seconds
  • Train Jasper on your brand voice, product details, and style guide
  • Research content as you write it with Jasper chat and citations
  • Adapt pages to different audiences or languages through AI

Install the Webflow Jasper AI integration from the Webflow Marketplace and access these incredible features. Achieve enterprise-level security for your intellectual property with Jasper's reliable AI capabilities. Let the Webflow Jasper AI integration ignite your creativity!

Step 1: Verify you have a Jasper Account

Step 2: Install the Jasper AI Webflow Integration 

  • From your Webflow environment, head to the Webflow Marketplace to install the app.  
  • Once installed, Jasper will ask you create a unique code that will be emailed to you for security purposes.  
  • Input the security code into the Jasper Webflow integration.  
  • For more information about the Jasper Webflow Integration head to the Jasper’s Webflow page.  

Step 3: Use the Jasper AI Webflow Integration

The Jasper AI Webflow integration allows your creative team to create AI generated copy to your Webflow creations easily, effortlessly and with your Brand Voice and Tone.  

Text blocks can be selected in Webflow and the Jasper AI Webflow Integration will know where to input the text you created as well as rewrite, change the voice, the tone and even translate it for you to another language.  

Be sure to head to your Jasper Workspace to create your Brand Voice(s) and Knowledge so the content that Jasper creates/rewrites etc sounds like you and your brand.  For more information about Jasper head to help.jasper.ai

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