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Our default tone of voice feature allows you to set a default tone of voice in your workspace’s settings to help you standardize the voice of content being generated by your team across documents and templates.

If you're looking to create outputs with a unified, recognizable brand voice, this feature is for you! The default tone of voice ensures all generated content has the same feel and look, helping to increase consistency in your outputs.

Note: This feature is only available to Business plan customers.

How to set a default tone of voice

As an admin under Settings/General, you can define your workspace's default tone of voice. 

If you do not know what your organization's default tone of voice should be for AI models, click "tone of voice detector template" to input a sample of your content so you can see what the default tone of voice should be. After you have determined your tone, enter it in the "default tone of voice" field and click "save" to save your input. 

Note: You will only see this feature in your settings if you are on a Business plan.

Where to see the default tone of voice when generating content

Once your default tone of voice is set at the workspace level, you will see this information prefilled in the Jasper UI in the following places:

  • Document editor - when opening a new document, you will notice the default tone of voice is prefilled in the "tone of voice" field

  • Templates - when opening a new or existing template, the default tone of voice field will be prefilled. NOTE: All templates except twelve include the tone of voice field.

If you would like to override the prefilled default tone of voice for any given document or template, simply click into the "tone of voice" field and make adjustments. It's that easy! 

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