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Below is a list of keyboard shortcuts that will speed up your Jasper workflow, explanations of each command are below the list.

NOTE: If you are using a Windows-based PC use the CONTROL key or CTRL instead of the COMMAND (Mac) as the starter key for the following commands

Jasper Shortcuts

  • Command + J: Compose
  • Command + Enter: Run Command
  • Command + /: Re-run Command
  • Command + Shift + Enter: Keep Command After Run

System Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Command + Z: Undo
  • Command + Shift + Z: Redo
  • Command + A: Select All
  • Command + C: Copy Selection
  • Command + X: Cut Selection
  • Command + V: Paste
  • Command + Shift + V: Paste Without Formatting
  • Command + F: Search Window

Styling Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Command + B: Boldface Styling
  • Command + I: Italics Styling
  • Command + U: Underline Styling
  • Command + K: Add/Remove Link

Explanations of each shortcut


To have Jasper continue writing the next sentence, you can click Compose in the bottom left, or use the keyboard shortcut Command + J on a Mac or CTRL + J on a PC and he will continue writing wherever your cursor is placed when you enter that shortcut.

Next, Run a Command

You can tell Jasper what you want him to write about, literally. First, write out your command like this. Then run your command by hitting CMD + Enter on Mac or Control + Enter on PC. Jasper reads the instructions you wrote and does his best to follow them.


You can also hit Command + / to re-run that same command.

Run a Command and leave the Command Visible

Use CMD + Shift + Enter to run a command and keep that command visible on the page even after the output is generated by Jasper.


Hit Command + Z to undo the last text that was written by Jasper.


Click Command + Shift + Z to redo whatever you just undid... Just in case you want to undo your undo ;)

Select All

Use Command + A to highlight and select all the content in a certain input area or document.


After highlighting a portion of text, hit Command + C to copy it to your clipboard.


If you would rather cut and remove that highlighted selection of text hit Command + X


After copying or cutting out a portion of text, hit Command + V to paste the text wherever your active cursor is placed.

Paste Without Formatting

Many times when transferring a portion of text from one document to another you may want to copy and paste that text without formatting... to do that use the keyboard shortcut Command + Shift + V and all the formatting will be disregarded when pasting that text.


Often times when dialing in a document for SEO purposes you may want to see how many times a word is used or simply located it in a document. Use Command + F to open a search function on your computer and then type in the word you want to locate in your Jasper document. Once you do this, you can see how many times that word or phrase is in a document and easily replace it if needed.

Styling Toolbar

Next, you could always highlight a portion of text and use our styling toolbar, but a few of these styling effects can be quickly applied by using these final few keyboard shortcuts...

Boldface Styling

Highlight the desired selection of text and hit Command + B and it will become Bold


Or choose Command + I to make it italics


Or Command + U to underline that text

Add/Remove Link

And finally, to quickly add in a link to a selected portion of text, hit Command + K and then paste the link into the link input area and add it.



Place 3 asterisks in your content to prevent Jasper from seeing above that point. This helps prevent Jasper from generating duplicate outputs.

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