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So you want Jasper to write a particular word or two or three? No problem. That's a breeze!

Keywords are available in some templates, along with the document editor. 

Including a keyword in your template input will prompt Jasper to do his VERY best to include that keyword or two for you in your output. Sometimes he will absolutely nail it. Other times, you'll want to try again. If the keyword you wanted was not included, try tweaking your input a little to see if you can generate the content again and have Jasper include that keyword.

TIP: Try including the request for a keyword in the "Custom information" section under "Add more information" in templates.

You can only include up to 3 keywords at a time—type in the keywords you want to include in the prompt provided. We recommend as you get started only use one keyword at a time. 

Ensure you are changing out your keyword regularly in the sidebar if you're going to really master this feature.

Additionally, you can try a command like "Write a blog post title about ... and include the word {keyword}" and run that command.

We recommend using Keywords alongside Surfer SEO if you want to rank your article. 

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