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In today's fast-paced marketing landscape, teams face heightened demands to produce quality content. As a result, many marketing leaders are exploring the use of AI tools to scale their content creation efforts. However, one of the biggest challenges they face is the generic and unreliable outputs generated by some AI writing tools.

That's where Jasper Brand Voice comes in.

We understand that a good brand voice is critical to building a strong connection with your target audience. Our platform leverages valuable insights about your brand's tone, style, and key facts about your business to help you create content that's engaging, memorable, and most importantly, specific to your unique brand voice.

Unlike other AI models that provide generic AI writing that’s not specific to your business, Jasper applies what you’ve told him about your brand’s tone, style, and key facts about your business, so that you can create content that’s engaging, memorable, and sounds like you.

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Our brand voice feature is available across all plans, except for our free plan. Depending on your plan, you can access varying levels of functionality.

  • Creator (Yes - Limited functionality)
  • Teams (Yes - Limited for teams of <10)></10)>
  • Business (Yes - Unlimited personalization)

Pillars of Jasper Brand Voice

To establish a “strong” brand voice, Jasper needs information on three core pillars, each of which have specific roles and outputs that must meld together to create the best on-brand and factual content possible.


    • The below should not get into tangibles like products and services, but rather be a high level “elevator pitch” about the company. These questions will help a brand formulate their tone.
      • Who are you selling to? - Target audience(s), buyer persona(s)
      • Why does your business exist? - Problem statement
      • How do you solve your customers’ problems? - Solution statement


    • Once a tone is established, a certain style of writing will emerge. Verbiage, grammar, formality, and punctuation help readers understand the intended tone of each brand. Establishing hard and fast rules in these categories ensures content looks and feels cohesive across all mediums of written interactions (ads, social posts, blogs, emails, review comments, etc.).

Knowledge Base

    • While tone and style create cohesion in the brand, they are worthless without knowing about the subject of the content. A basic knowledge base is important, ensuring all generations are on-topic with the author’s intended outcome. The type of information and how it is saved in Jasper should be flexible for each user. Anything from API feeds, links to sites/blogs, uploads of documents, or manual entries should be accepted.

Using Jasper Brand Voice

Navigate to "Brand Voice" on the left nav bar of your dashboard. From there, there are two components of Jasper Brand Voice.

Knowledge: Upload files to provide background information specific to the content you are creating.

Learn more about knoweldge here.

Voices: Jasper can also match your writing style with what you've already written.

Learn more about voices here.

At Jasper, we believe that AI-generated content should not come at the cost of the brand's authenticity and credibility.

Our innovative tools help teams build and maintain a strong brand voice that resonates with your target audience. Through our three core pillars of Tone, Style, and Knowledge, Jasper provides personalized, on-brand content that accurately represents your business. Our various plans cater to businesses of different sizes and complexities, allowing you to choose the level of functionality that best suits your needs. Let Jasper empower your brand to create content that truly connects with your audience and leads to business success.

Still need some help? Join one of our own coaches on a live webinar to see What's New With Jasper. This call is hosted every Monday and Friday at 2 PM CST. Hope to see you there!

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