How to use Voices

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The Voice feature allows Jasper to create your brand voice based on content you provide him. Simply paste your content or upload a URL, and Jasper will infer your brand voice and allow you to tweak it until it perfectly describes your voice.

How to create a voice

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter a name for your voice
  3. Give Jasper an example of your brand voice by allowing him to crawl your website OR giving him a piece of example text.
  4. If you'd like this voice to be set as default for your entire workspace, select the box at the bottom of the page. This means every piece on content you generate will be written in this voice unless you select otherwise.

How to copy, edit, or delete a voice

Once a voice is created, you can choose to copy the content, edit the name or voice description, or delete the voice.

  1. Start by clicking on one of the 3 icons in the top right corner of the voice card

  1. To edit a voice, click the pencil icon. Now you can either change the name of the content or tell Jasper how you want him to change his summary of your voice. When you're done, click the "Update" button.

How to apply voices throughout the app

Templates and the doc editor

Once you've created a voice, click the drop down under "Tone of Voice" to select which voice you want to use. This dropdown still allows you to type a new tone if you would prefer that over a custom voice you created at the workspace level.


Doc editor


Click on the Brand Voice button in the bottom left of the screen above where you write your prompt. Tone will already be selected, so you can then choose whichever voice you'd like in the list of voices you've previously created. If you don't want to use one of these tones, you can still tell Jasper to add any given tone in your prompt.


What plans have access to voices?

Voices are available on all paid plans. Creator can create 1 voice, Teams can create 3 voices, Business can create unlimited voices.

Where can I access voices throughout the app?

You can select your custom voices within chat, the doc editor, workflows, and all templates.

Can I tell Jasper to apply style rules to my voice?

Customers cannot currently apply style rules (e.g. use oxford commas, replace the word client with customer, and speak in 3rd person soon), but they will be able to soon! Keep an eye out for an announcement.

When I give a URL to Jasper to find my voice, is he crawling or scraping the URL?

Jasper crawls your website to find an adequate amount of text to determine your brand voice, opposed to a single URL.

What should I do if Jasper can't crawl my URL to detect my voice?

Here are some things you could try:

  • Make sure the URL you are entering is a valid URL and begins with https://
  • Select a different URL with a voice that you admire.
  • Enter an example text of your brand voice in the box below the URL input box.

Is everyone in my workspace able to see the voices I create?

All seats within a workspace are currently able to see and edit voices. We will be adding the ability to make voices private in the near future.

Can I give you a long text example to create a voice?

Our current limit is 2000 characters when creating a voice through a text example. If you would like Jasper to look at more than that, you can instead give him a URL that accurately depicts your brand voice.

How does Jasper create a voice by reading examples I provide?

By combining Jasper's knowledge of what brand voices are, similar voices to yours, and the unique text you give him, he's able to take that all into consideration when summarizing and defining your brand voice.

I don't agree with how Jasper defined my voice, how do I change it?

If you feel like Jasper hasn't accurately defined your voice, you can edit the voice by following the instruction listed above.

If I have a limited number of voices, am I able to delete voices I've already created and make new ones?

Yes! If you are on the Teams plan for example and have already created 3 voices, you can delete your a voice and recreate a new one in its place. We will let you know once you've hit your limit and remind you of this.

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