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Style Guide is a Jasper feature for Business Customers that enables a company to define their grammar, punctuation and terms rules. This ensures writing is consistent company wide. Additionally, there are admin level controls around Style Guide rules. When enabled, only Admins and Managers are allowed to set up and modify these rules.


Style Guide v4 offers all of the previous settings with a cleaner UI, improved rule categorization, new grammar and punctuation rules, and a spell check within the Editor. 



Style Guide offers seven general grammar rules that companies can opt to enable or disable based on their writing style.

Additionally, they can standardize English to a specific region (None, US, UK, CA, AU). Please note that this rule only applies to English and will not update to whatever default language is set for the Workspace. 


Dashes and Hyphens

The Dashes and Hyphens section has three rules.

It allows companies to set rules around how em and en dashes are used and formatted. All 3 rules will be disabled by default, which means they need to be turned on within Style Guide to be applied to generated content. 


Within the Ampersand section, there are 2 rules.

Companies can decide when and if an ampersand is used. This rule is disabled by default.

Additionally, companies can decide if they don’t want the ‘+’ to be a substitute for ‘and’. This rule is enabled by default and will replace ‘+’ with ‘and’ when Style Guide is applied to generated content. 

Dates and Numbers

The Dates and Numbers section has two rules.

Companies can decide if they want to spell out numbers and which range of numbers to spell out (0-9, 0-10, 0-99).

Additionally, the “use a comma to separate numbers with 4 or more digits” is a rule turned on by default. However, companies can opt out of including a comma to separate these types of numbers. 


In addition to implementing grammar and punctuation rules and updating specific terms, Style Guide offers a spell check option within the editor. It will identify misspelled words, duplicate words and typos such as missed capitalizations. You can access this information in the Style Guide tab within the Editor. 

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